It is always with vigour and urge that we do workouts after some layoffs. If you had a layoff during all these public workouts, you will enjoy this one.

Round 1:

Choose any cardio activity of your choice and do:
3 x 5 minute intervals - all out effort on this.
Rest 3 minutes between intervals

Round 2:

20 Reverse lunges (each leg)
20 TRX pulls
50 Step ups/box jumps
100 Skips
30 Dips
30 Ins and outs
50 KB swings
1 Minute plank
20 Snatches (each arm)
25 Deadlifts
30 Burpees
10 Stair accents and decents (up and down counts as 1)

This will get you up to speed with the week! Have fun!