We all know THEM, they walk around in the gym, looking like Greek Gods and Goddesses. We envy every muscle that moves when they walk around like cats stalking their prey and we drool, we stop training to look when they walk past and absentmindedly wipe the drool from our mouths with our towels that are meant for wiping sweat. We want to be them and to the annoyance of our trainers, we ask to look like that.

I am talking about the competing fraternity of course. Those guys and girls that sacrifice some months of the year to eat only certain foods and certain amounts of it, to train six days a week, bodybuilding style. That is to focus on aesthetics of the muscle and not the functionality of it and of course that puts foreign substances in their bodies to achieve the wanted look.

Ok, so now you are going to tell me it is sour grapes and I am just as envious as everybody else and that I probably don’t look like that and that is why I am saying what I am saying. True story people, we all want to look like coming out of the newest Avengers movie, me included, but the question is at what cost do these athletes do it? And yes, I call them athletes because they are every little bit as disciplined and diligent as any athlete out there to achieve their goal and I have great respect for their sacrifices. So back to the topic of this rant, “Why we don’t look like them”

Ok, so at a glance, let us just look at what happens when you decide to do a competition and flex your muscles while wearing a very, very small cloth to cover your most intimate “secrets places”:

Training is a body part per day six days a week plus your AM cardio 2 -3 times per week and of course the cardio becomes more as you get closer to your competition. So that is 2 training sessions per day most of the time.

Diet is basically a standard 6 – 7 meals a day. With this in mind the athletes eat very strict, depending of course if you are male or female and in which category you are going to compete, your diet will vary a lot but where it is all the same is lots of egg whites, absolutely no salt in your cooking and preferably, boil everything you eat. Part of the diet is of course using “supplements” yeah, you guessed it, it is not the run of the mill protein powders or BCAA to get you going throughout the competitive season, it is more, “hormone adjustment treatment” if I can call it that.

Now there is a lot of information on the internet about using different “supplements” as I found out while doing some research for this article, some call it supplements and others just call it plain drugs or steroids. My point is not to badmouth any of the practises of these athletes, my point is that these athletes go through certain processes to get in shape for these competitions and the everday, 2 – 3 times a week mom of two who just want to get in shape and live a happy healthy life is never going to look like Wonder Woman and that is ok. Accept that these muscle tigers are working for a specific goal in the future and they have sacrificed weekend cupcakes and burgers to do so.

All in all, if you want to look great, follow the 85 – 15% rule of eating clean 85% of the time and you will be able to get away with the 15% not so good. Just remember, always aim for 100% and you will probably get to 85%, if you aim for 85%, you will probably only hit 70% and that will not do your body any favours.

Work hard, eat smart and enjoy the view when the tigers prowl in the gym, get back to your workout and let them inspire you to work harder than ever before.