You know when you go through stages that you just cannot get enough of somebody? No, I don't mean a love interest or anything smoochy like that, I mean a fitness and health personality that is just larger than life and you just devour anything and everything that this person writes or does? Is it healthy do be so infatuated by such a person? Well, I would rather be infatuated by a health and fitness person than driving through the golden arches every day because I am infatuated with a burger.

Now there are some fitness people that stay cool throughout the years. You can buy their books, read their blogs and see what their opinions are on facebook for a very long time. These people are few and far between and it is different for everybody. Hold on to these people because their opinions stay fresh and you will always be inspired by what they say and do and they usually get you to get off your butt and into the gym or just moving. Treasure these people because when you are tired and your family is sick or you just run out of steam, they are the people that will help you eat your salad and not the fries, go to gym and not watch that sitcom, again. So now you are wondering if I am going to "name drop" who I adore, and yes, I am and I am not doing this because I get something out of it except some awesome fitness advice, some really, really good easy reading and the kick in the ass I need to get up and throw some weights around.

My favorite author is world renowned strength and conditioning coach Dan John. I bought one of his books a couple of years ago and I just read it over and over again and every single time I read it something else jumps out at me and inspires me, not a lot of people can do that to a person. So why is Dan John such a powerful person in the fitness industry?

  • He is an honest writer - Everything he says on his blog and in his books is an honest reflection of what goes on in his life and what he believes is the basics of a good and solid healthy, fitness and nutrition program.
  • His single belief is that we need to get strong - I saw a very funny picture on facebook the other day, posted by my Kettlebell
  • Imagementor, Trent Murgatroyd from IKFF. We think we do exercises that makes us strong, using puny little weights and we feel good about ourselves and even worse, promote that as health and fitness, while back at the ranch down in Russia, the kids are far outweighing us in every department of strength by just consistently training for strength and then of course, the fat loss comes and that is what Mr. John is all about. Get strong and the fat will fall off (with some sensible eating of course) This picture just says it all. We think we are strong, yet, we are not. Oh, by the way, that yellow kettlebell is 16kg, just saying.
  •  Dan John actually gives solid training advice - and then goes further and gives you simple training plans, that you can actually use. Want to get strong? It is easy, follow his advice and training plans on his blog and you will get there. You don't need to cough up a lung for his ideas and plans, you can just go over to his blog and you will get strong. We want complicated, we don't need complicated, simple is going to do it for you, believe me.

Let me leave you with some diamonds from Dan John's book, Never let go. His nutritional advice is awesome, and again, very simple. Eat protein at every meal. Eat fiber at every meal. Take fish oil capsules. Drink a lot of water and last but not least, eat at least 3 meals a day and never skip breakfast. 

We want to do things so complicated and it has to be so hard. That is not true and that is possibly the most important thing Dan John has shown me as an avid trainer. Let him show you that simple, yet not easy, is the way to get to the body you always wanted.