Do you ever ask yourself why you get up at 4:30 in the morning to be at gym by 5 to get your workout done? Or after a hectic day at work, why you actually stop at gym and not go straight home? Or if you are a mommy, and you are tired as hell but you still get in your car and drop the little one off at the gym’s child care and get it done (or when he/she is sleeping, grabbing that kettlebell and get 20 minutes of swings in before they wake up)? Because we can be as fancy as we want with cool words and cute pictures of animals with funny quotes or even better, fantastic bodies with little clothing on, to get us going, but if you strip all of that away, what gets you going?

Yeah, those pictures certainly get the fire burning for a few minutes and then we start thinking of the pain and the sweat and the fact that you are going to get tired. Now you are probably asking me, why in your right mind are you talking about that? You are supposed to help get the fire going. You are supposed to motivate me and tell me how awesome it is. Yes, that is true, but to get to the awesome, you need to understand the reason why we do it?

Everybody has their own reasons. You want to be healthy, so you go for your jog, 3 times a week. You want to be able to eat a pizza and drink a beer or two over the weekend. You have kids and you want to be able to play with them. You want to compete in a figure competition, you want to look good without your clothes on. Those are just a few of the many reasons why we do it. On the other side of the scale is a thousand more reasons why we skip it and you have to find it in yourself to get over the reasons why the sofa and the television is not better than the 30 minutes with a sandbag in your hands.

It is a very fine line of why we actually do it. The one thing I can tell you is that your urge to do it, must override the urge not to, to be successful.  It is as simple as that (note, I am not saying easy, simple) Sometimes it is easy to get up and just do it, more times though, it is hard and we have a fire inside us, an urge inside us to go do it. What motivates you is your own fire and nobody can give that motivation to you. Yes, you can pay a trainer to meet you at 5am and that might motivate you and by all means, if that is what gets your fire going and you have the spare cash, go for it.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is it that will make you want to live a longer and healthier life, for yourself and for the people you love. It is easy to eat junk and sit and watch television, but we are better than that, we are more motivated than that and we have more passion for ourselves than that. Why do we do it? To live life to the fullest and get every ounce out of it for as long as possible. It is your choice how you do it, but for the sake of your health, do it!