A couple of weeks ago I took my Thursday and Friday clients through a very simple circuit with the use of a 4kg medicine ball and the base move of this circuit was a single leg stiff legged deadlift. It worked them hard and they were all nice and sore the next day or so. You would think that a single legged deadlift with only a 4kg medicine ball will be a walk in the park but this little puppy packs a punch. There is some real benefit to this move and maybe too little people know what kind of punch this move packs. So before you start thinking that this move is just for girls, read on….


Although this move was done with a fairly light weight, you can certainly load it up with some impressive weight which will involve an impressive amount of balance, strength and being a bit of an athlete. Jip, you need to have some athleticism to do this. You cannot just stand like a normal person, no, you have to think of a high jumper getting ready for his run up to the matt. One leg is bent the other is straight, flexion and extension. If you can master the single leg stiff legged deadlift, you will be like an athlete. You will be able to run faster, move quicker, jump higher and hit harder.


We do neglect our behinds in so many aspects of our training. We just love our little mirror muscles, we look in the mirror and train what we see, we very rarely look at ourselves from behind so we kind of forget to train the backside (and by backside I don’t just mean your bum, I mean your hamstrings, calves, lower back and everything else that is behind you)  


There are many aspects of training, power, speed, strength. If kettlebell swings are for power, then the matching strength exercise would be the single leg stiff legged deadlift. So there you go with a little power/strength circuit, swings and deadlifts


Let’s quickly look at the movement pattern for this super exercise:


*    If you are using one weight (usually a KB works well) put the weight in the middle of your two feet. If using two KB’s, space them evenly.

*    When you bend down to start your set, make sure that your back leg raises straight and your hips don’t drop, keep your back nice and straight as well.

*    Make sure you keep everything in a straight line when going through the full range of the movement.

*    Keep the leg that is planted on the floor slightly bent when you go down and straighten it when you come up. Very much like when you swing your kettlebell.

*    Get up to heavy working sets as soon as you can!


Do these often and you will start generating cat like strength in all other aspects in your life.


Quote of the week:

"Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.” – Bill Copeland -


Recipe of the week:


Homemade Greek dressing



¼ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbs Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tbs Red Wine vinegar

1 Minced Garlic Clove

Pinch of salt and Pepper


2 Pinches of Basil and Oregano Leaves



Close Bottle and shake together.