If you have painful knees you can't always point at your current training and say ha, this is making me hurt I need to stop. The worst part is it doesn't always start in the knee either! Surprised? Maybe a little bit. You must remember that the knee needs a lot of stability and the cause of your pain is usually in the joint above or below the knee. What does that mean?

Due to the fact that the knee needs all this stability to not buckle under the pressure of everyday movement and training, you need support from your other major joint like the hip and ankle joints. If these joints are not mobile it can all relate back to your knee. How? Your whole body is connected with what is called the kinetic chain. Now if you have mobility problems in your ankles it will relate back to your knees and the same with your hip joint. If it cannot find mobility in one joint, it will go and find it in another one, usually the knees and that is where all the problems start.

Trouble will happen in two ways, either through a major, sudden injury over time, which will relate back to a wear and tear injury. So now that we know why we get knee pain, how can we fix it. It is suggested that you can do it in two ways, either improving mobility in your other major joints and activation in your major muscles, basically your glutes.

To make sure everything is in working order to take the pressure off your knees you must make sure you do the next couple of exercises.

  1. Kettlebell swings – activates the glutes.

  2. Bulgarian split squats – activates glutes, quads and stretch the hip flexor.

  3. Deadlifts with a twist – stand with your fee elevated and lower the weight to the floor. This will improve hip mobility, hamstring flexibility and will totally increase your strength due to this unfamiliar move.

  4. Piriformis stretch - the seated version. The stiffness of the piriformis muscle is due to us sitting too much. This stretch is of the utmost importance to keep the hip mobilized

So there you have it. A couple of ways to make sure your joints are mobile and your glutes are activated. Use these as a type of dynamic warm up before your workout and see how your knee pain dissapear.