When you look at January, almost over and done with.If you look at the calendar, almost 3 weeks have passed since the new year and maybe you made buckets full of gains (or losses) but, maybe nothing happened. So I thought I'll give you some tips on the stuff that we eat and drink that we think is ok but will really hamper your efforts in getting that belly to go down a bit.

ImageLet's not just always focus on the no no and give you some ideas on replacing them with healthier options. so first up is those sugary fizzy drinks that we gulp down with no afterthought. We usually forget that what we drink also counts towards our calorie intake for the day, so lets ditch the fizzy, bubbly stuff and replace it with only bubbly stuff (no, not sparkling wine) Replace your drinks with sparkling water and add a splash of lemon or lime for flavour. You will save yourself many calories during the day.

ImageYou will really like the next one. Cut the sweets. You know the gooey, "ZERO FAT" stuff that we throw down our throats because, the packaging says zero fat! Yeah, no fat but they forget to tell you that, by the way, there is a truck load of sugar in it that, if you do not use it, will be turned into fat by your body for storage. Anyway, turn to chocolate! Yeah baby! That is what you wanna hear! Dark chocolate and don't go to your local Macro or other large supplier and stock up on loads. Moderation is key.Have a block or three and leave the rest for another day when you feel you want to cut someone's head off if you do not have something sweet. 

ImageLoads of us have an obsession with ice-cream. I honestly don't see it, but then again, I might have an obsession that you might think strange (I am still talking about food here people). So let us look at a healthier option to those swirls and curls and toppings that we love so much. Frozen yogurt. Right, we have a couple of frozen yogurt franchises that have opened recently around town. Lovely, they are awesome. Again a warning. Before you go and indulge, just a little warning. That last counter with all the goodies that you can load on top of the frozen yogurt, skip it. You will save yourself loads of calories and some bucks as well. Oh and the big pitfall here is of course you serve yourself, so you will pour in more frozen yogurt than you need, be light on the handle when you choose the amount. 

My brother in law recently started losing some weight again and my hubby asked him what he is doing differently. His response. "I'm just not eating so much take out, and I eat breakfast in the morning" guys, that is seriously not rocket science. Give in to little indulgences and stick to your guns most of the time and you will get there.