The human body is a very strange, exciting and willing machine. It is also a very effective machine that adapts to just about anything and everything we throw its way. It is happy to do what you tell it to, it will tell you how it feels for the next couple of days, but adapt and become stronger and a lot more effective and efficient. This is why our work is cut out to keep challenging our bodies to become the nice looking machines that let others glance with envy when they walk past. Toss away the machine and introduce the kettlebell to your workout routine.


Believe it or not, the kettlebell has been around since 1704. Its origins are from Russia and it is actually a household item in every Russian home. Russian kids grow up with a kettlebell in hand. Maybe that is the reason they are so strong minded. Because growing up with such a piece of unforgiving steel, molds you into something unique and quite different.

It is basically a ball of steel (like a cannonball) with a handle and one end. This wonderful piece of steel is then used in weird and wonderful ways to manipulate the body to become stronger, faster and more beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are a kid a beginner weight trainer or an athlete, the benefits of kettlebells are endless.


The reason why kettlebells are so popular is that is goes back to the roots of training. Its main focus is functional, full body movements. This piece of steel forces you to contract every muscle in the body while holding it above your head, swinging it up to chest height. This increases strength and stability all in one. Great news for the time pressed individual. You can take the traditional one hour workout, cut it to 30 minutes and increase the benefits of the workout from day 1!


Don’t be fooled by this little ball. If you are trying kettlebell training for the first time, take it slow. Our bodies are used to one thing these days and that is sitting. We sit in front of our computers at work, we sit in meetings and we sit in front of the television in the evenings. Even if we do work out, it is going from one machine to the next bench and we sit down while we do the weight training. Kettlebells are totally opposite of this. The Turkish get-up is the closest you get to sitting down and that is basically for a second or two. The rest of the moves you are standing up, swinging, snatching or clean and pressing the weight around. This is not something that our bodies are used to, so you will feel every muscle the day after your first experience with a kettlebell. Don’t overdo your first workout, make sure you do a decent warm up, at least 10 minutes long, if not longer full of mobility work before you attempt your first swing.


It is advisable that your first experience with one of these unforgiving pieces of steel is with a professional. There are a lot of safety aspects in using the kettlebell correctly. Failure to do so can lead to serious injuries to your joints, especially your spine, neck and back. A professional will teach you the correct technique. They will advise you on corrective exercises to help you make your kettlebell experience more effective. To use a kettlebell with proper form and technique will speed up your body transformation and decrease the risk of injuries.


What kind of exercises can you do with a kettlebell?


The first exercise that all kettlebell users learn is the basic swing. The wonderful thing about the basic swing is that it engages the muscles of the body that few of us even think of when training the conventional way. We love training our mirror muscles, you know, the ones we can admire in the mirror. The biceps, chest and quadriceps get the most attention in the gym because they are the muscles you notice first in the mirror. The kettlebell swing, forces the body to work the muscles at the back of the body, the glutes, hamstring and back. Due to this minor adjustment in how the body effectively works during a workout, your body will perform optimally in normal life and in your sport.


It has been proven that the every day to day kettlebell workout will improve all sporting achievements. That is a bold statement for a little ball of steal. Go and give it a try. It will open fitness doors that you never dreamed of.