We go through the ebb and flow of the ocean when it comes to carbs (and many other aspects of the macro nutrients on offer these days) is it good? Is it bad? Should I cut it? Should I just eat in moderation? Can we win in this battle of the bulge and incorporate carbs in our diet?


You look at diets like the Atkins, South beach, Paleo and other low carb diets out there and carbs get a real evil look from a lot of people these days. We want to oversimplify the use of carbs and maybe that is where we go off the highway a little. I will say it again. Food made from processed and white carbs like white bread, pasta, pastries, sugar laden gassy cold drinks and other processed evils are bad for you and they contribute to weight gain. But then you look at the good stuff (carbs) like lentils, vegetables (yes, this is a carb) and other beans and they are so not evil at all. In fact, you need to eat these types of carbs to give your body the essential vitamins and minerals.


So what does good carbs bring to the table?


v  They bind to fatty substances in your intestines and carry them out of the body as a waste (oh yeah baby, now that is what we are talking about) by doing this, it lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL) and it removes toxins from your body.

v  The good carbs regulate the sugar levels in your body, it makes you feel less hungry and your blood glucose levels stay more consistent throughout the day.


If you eat the right carbs, they play a very important role to create energy levels and fat loss and help with your ultimate fat loss goals. So now you just need the last piece of the puzzle, when to eat what for maximum results. If you wonder, remember, it must grow on a tree or in the ground, it is good for you. If a human tinkered with it, it is almost always bad so stay away!


Eat the following:


v  Sweet potatoes

v  Squash

v  Beans and lentils

v  Quinoa

v  Green leafy vegetables

v  Fruit


What you should avoid:


v  Simple sugars, sweets, fruit juice, pastries and cakes

v  Bread and pasta

v  White rice, rice cakes


Now, when should you eat above carbs to help with fat loss?

Eating carbs and your hormone levels play an important part in using carbs in the right way. There is a certain window period where eating carbs will be maximally absorbed by your muscles. We have, in past newsletters, touched on insulin levels and the role that they play in fat storage so we are not going to go into that just now. Just know that high insulin levels lead to fat storage. Keeping insulin levels low by eating carbs is the key to our success. So you want to eat carbs when insulin sensitivity is very high.


When is that?


v  Mornings – You haven’t eating for a long time so insulin sensitivity is very high. So go ahead and eat those HIGH QUALITY carbs.

v  After your workout – Your insulin sensitivity is at its highest right after a workout. There are even bodybuilders that have ice-cream after their workouts. Now I am not saying go all out and have ice-cream every day just because you are training hard, but you get the point. Your muscles are so hungry after the workout, that it just soaks up all the good stuff you are offering it.

v  Before your workout – Ok, so your insulin sensitivity isn’t really that high before a workout but while you are exercising your insulin response is basically zero and of course you need some energy to push the limits during your workout.


So it is not have at it with carbs all day long but you are allowed your fair share of them during the right times of the day. Remember, it is the quality of the carbs that is the important part of this conversation. So if you use them in the right way, they don’t have to be the enemy.