It is always in the midst of getting too intensely involved in intricate and complicated “stuff” that we get pulled out of our own little world and have a look at it from the outside. We then think: “Hells bells, is that really me training to do all those things? And how am I coping with all of that?” This is then a good time to throw it all in the bin and start with the simple things in life.

This is not just a philosophy that is followed in the corporate environment where you find a lot of success with this approach, but this is something that you have to focus on in probably the most important thing in life and that is life itself. We need to make sure that we eat a well-balanced meal every time we sit down at the dinner table but also have a healthy heart via good old exercise.  There is just way to many things going on and way too many Gurus out there that claim that they know everything and will be the one to give you the next Tom Cruise Top Gun body or whatever rocks your boat. We need to get rid of the fluff and get back to what is really easy for the body and the mind to understand and that is simplicity.

If you keep your lifestyle as basic as possible, do you not think that it is easier to follow? If you take away the agonizing thinking process, more and more people will get fit and in shape again. Why do we eat junk food? It is easy to come by. Why do we supersize most of our meals? We get asked the question in such a manner that we cannot refuse (and then let us not talk about the “value for money” aspect that is thrown in as well) We need to extend that easy to follow principle to our daily healthy eating and training regimes and we will walk out on the other side a winner.

If we can implement the 80/20% rule in our healthy lifestyle and eating habits. You can chill and relax 20% of the time without it negatively affecting your real goal in life and hopefully that is to live long and healthy and be able to play with your kids and grandchildren without letting them down because you can’t breathe. We fail because we want to be perfect all the time and that is why the 80/20 rule is so valuable and necessary in our quest to succeed.

Remember, ultimately you are in control of your destiny, nobody else, but the fact that you are in control. You don’t have to exercise until you cannot lift your arms above your head and you do not have to restrict yourself with the “I am always hungry” popular diets out there. You must keep your training and eating simple/stupid. That way you can maintain it as a lifestyle and not just a quick fix. Those don’t work. We need long term solutions to our society that is getting out of control with weight and heart problems, diabetes and all other diseases out there that we basically created for ourselves.

Keep your lifestyle as simple as possible, your workouts quick and to the point and your eating habits easy to follow. This is the only way you will stick to it and live a long, happy and healthy life.