When we generally speak about guns around gym going folks it means your precious little puppies or anatomically speaking your biceps. You also associate this word with a bulging muscle or if it is not so bulging, then you want it to be, especially the guys. We then associate this with exercises like bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls and some other funny named curl exercises. We basically just want to get a dumbbell or barbell into our hands and move the weight from our thighs to our shoulders. This, my friends, creates beautiful muscles.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not even being facetious or anything, really beautiful artworks. The problem is that these guns usually shoot blanks. They are very rarely functional. They can’t do much but sit there and wait for someone to admire them.

Enter the most prestigious kettlebell exercise known to man. The kettlebell snatch. This is called the Tsar of all kettlebell exercises due to the technicality level of the move and then of course the effort that you have to put into doing this movement without seriously injuring yourself. In the same breath, you will not get a better exercise that will work…..well…..everything you have on, in and around your body. Your cardiovascular system will be taxed like never before (I had an average of 158 beats per minutes on my heart rate monitor after 20 minutes of work yesterday) then I am not even talking about legs, hip flexors, forearms, shoulders, back, glutes, hamstrings, do I even have to go on?

What makes this exercise so amazing is that the one muscle group that is hurting the most today? My “guns” no curl in the world have ever made my biceps hurt this bad. This is the second high intensity snatch session I have done in 2 weeks and it hurts just as much as session 1. The difference between this bicep exercise and the others? My guns do not shoot blanks. This exercise creates muscle balance due to the combined work that the body has to perform to get the kettlebell from the ground to an overhead position. Did I do loads of reps? Not at all, 7 reps per arm per set.

The only thing that stops you from starting today is the technical aspects of the kettlebell snatch so if you are keen to learn, make sure that you employ a sound instructor that will teach you the right technique for this move on steroids.

If you want to find out what workout killed my guns yesterday, hop over to www.rapidresults-fitness.com for the workout.