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It is amazing how many of us will drop everything we do when we see a headline like this. We will read up on it, we will watch the late night advertising on TV, we will Google the names of the wonder drugs and we buy them at great cost! A new pill/powder/ab machine to make me look great in no time, without training and without adjusting my eating habits.

I am sorry to announce that all your hard earned cash that goes towards these fluffy magic bullets are for nothing. You might as well go to the river and dumb the cash right in because that is what you are doing anyway. Harsh words? Yes, I suppose, but these marketers that cleverly tell you that you will look like a million dollars in just 3 minutes a day or just two servings a day or just 6 pills a day are stealing your money and your integrity.

There is NO MAGIC machine, pill or powder that will make you look great on the beach. It is all about consistency in your training program and your eating habits. That is your magic bullet. Hard work over a period of time will bring in the toned muscles and healthy attitude towards life.

While on the topic, you will not get your amazing abs by doing 500 crunches a day. Yip, along with the magic pill your 3 minute ab routine every other day will NOT give you the abdominal muscles you want, dream about and need. If you look at a standard program written for you and it has more than maybe 5 minutes of ab workouts in a standard 45 minute training session it is a bluff. Doing crunches in your routine? Not really effective for core strength and great looking abs.

What to do then?

Do look great in all the clothes you wear, revealing or not, you need to make a metabolic change in your body. What is that and how do I accomplish it? You want your metabolic rate to be high to burn unnecessary body fat. To do that you need to do full body exercises that focus on all the major muscle groups and then to go one step further you have to do multi joint compound movements. This is just a fancy description for exercises that use the whole body to perform the move. It will be moves like dead lifts, squats, lunges, dumbbell squat and press, snatches and swings to mention a few. We need to get out of the train one body part at a time mentality and work the entire body. While doing that you will be working your core indirectly every time you pick up a weight, in other words, you get closer to that elusive six pack when you do these moves and I did not even mention a crunch yet! (and I probably won't either)

Let us lose the bicep curls and do sumo dead lifts with high pulls, lose the tricep extensions and do body weight dips and create a better functioning, better working body inside the gym for its ultimate use outside the gym!