Rapid gains is all about you. What you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and by when you want to achieve that. This in essence sums up your goals. Without it you are like a lost kid in a supermarket, scared, not knowing what direction to take and you don't know who to trust. That is why Rapid Results simplifies, if all else fails, simplify, that is what the big mentors out there will tell you and that is the magic word. SIMPLIFY!

Why three pillars? It makes your goals easy to put down for yourself and you can revisit them ever so often to just make sure they are still in line or if you need to adjust.

Just look at the Rapid Results logo and you will see how easy we make it for you to set down your three pillars of strength.

Pillar number one is attitude. Notice that it is not eating right or training hard but attitude. Without the right attitude you are not going to get anywhere in life. Not just with your training goals but with your professional and personal lives as well. We read about so many top athletes in the world that suffered from childhood diseases and nobody gave them a chance but still, they ended up being the best at what they did because they chose to do so. They had the right attitude and also surrounded themselves with the correct people that gave them the right advice and support when needed. With the right attitude in the bag, half your battle is won.

The second pillar is nutrition. Nutrition is the second biggest pillar of them all because nutrition is probably the most influential when it comes to us reaching our health and fitness goals behind attitude. Just imagine the amount of times you eat throughout the day compared to the amount of times you train. You need to eat healthy a lot more times through the week then put a solid training session together every week. To eat right you have to plan. If you do not prepare a list of meals for the week, go out and shop for the ingredients and then at least prepare some of the easy dishes on the weekend, you will not reach your fitness goals. To “just wing it” is not an option. Nutrition can fall down the wayside way too quickly if you do not plan, again, with the right attitude you will say no to that office pizza that was brought in and if you surround yourself with the right minded people, none of your co-workers will force you to eat a piece or will belittle you because of your healthy choices. Keep healthy snacks at your desk to avoid the mid afternoon slump and running to the vending machine for that quick, sugary snack. That way 2 thirds of your health and fitness battle is already won.

The last spoke in this wheel of ours is exercise. You would think that exercise would dominate but it has been proven more than once is the less is more approach is a good one when it comes to working out. There are many conflicting “research” out there of what is the magic formula when it comes to training. No magic formula, just solid principles that will help to melt the fat away. It is simple, you need to train hard when you do train, do the right exercises at the right intensity and do that at least 3 times per week. There you have it. Simple and effective ways to burn fat and build muscle. You don't have to go buy every muscle magazine on the market to get the new and improved split routine of Mr. Big Boy, do you really think he follows that? Probably not and then you wonder why you don't see the results that's promised in the article. Your workouts should not be more than 45 minutes long and you will work hard and effectively throughout the workout with enough time to recover but not too much to chat up whatever person is sitting on the bench next to you.

Rapid Results is all about loads of support, simple eating principles and effective training plans. If you do not get that from your current training support maybe it is time to go with gold and change your lifestyle forever!