It has been ingrained in us that eating and drinking dairy products are good for us due to the high protein content and the ratio to carbohydrates. It has been instilled that from a young age we need to consume this product for good strong bones due to the calcium content. Thus, at almost every meal a kid will have a glass of milk to finish before the meal is up and this then automatically grow into a habit almost till the day we die.

Now we are not telling you that dairy is the big bad wolf. We are all allowed to make our own choices about these products but it is good to get a clear picture of what is really in dairy products and why it is sometimes good to not have it at all. Yes, dramatic, yes, very controversial, but then again, when have we not been controversial in the stuff that we do and say? So true to our form, we will give you the best possible information and then you can decide, because ultimately it is your body and your choice to make.

Some studies have shown that diets rich in dairy can actually lead to weight loss and that people that tend to eat dairy weighs less than people who do not eat dairy. Then again, show me a person that does not consume dairy if they do not deliberately cut it out of their diet due to some reason. We have a lot of skinny and overweight people drinking milk and eating cheese, so is this study really relevant?

We believe that dairy gives us the necessary calcium that we need in our diet. Then there is studies that say calcium helps with blocking fat storage, it helps with thermogenesis (this is where the body actually burns fat). Did you know that primary calcium ingestion should not be from dairy products? That if you eat enough fruit and vegetables you already get your recommended daily allowance of calcium in? Did you know a big “yes please” to consume dairy is that it helps with bone strength and prevents osteoporosis? A bigger “yes please” should be that if you train with weights, your bone density increases dramatically and this will, on its own, prevent osteoporosis?

Now for the kicker. If you decide to stick to dairy and consume it on a daily basis, then normal store bought milk is not going to do it for you. Store bought milk comes from cows that have been fed a diet of corn and soy (which will increase your oestrogen levels in your body that will in turn but you in a prime spot for certain cancers). These cows are usually kept in small, confined spaces and are not allowed to roam free. Thus they are nice and fat (in a bad way). All these by-products will then be transferred into the milk that you buy. Then we go and skim the milk. When this happens, we get rid of all the healthy fats that are in the milk. We go one step further and pasteurize the milk, which kills most, if not all, the good bacteria in the product. So here we have milk, which has no nutritional value, make us more prone to hormonal issues and can lead to cancer!

In short, and again we stress, we are humans that can make our own choices, but give a little experiment a go. Cut dairy out of your diet for 2 weeks, only 2 weeks. See what happens. If nothing happens, then go back to consuming dairy on a daily basis. But if you start feeling less bloated, more energetic and you feel like you are actually losing weight, then I rest my case.

Your choice, your body, but make the right choice for you.