We have been going up and down the ladder about why we should eat as fresh as we can, why organic or naturally grass fed beef, chicken and wild fish is best for your diet and so on and so forth. Now, just to put another nail in the coffin of some of our favourite processed foods, here is another reason why green, crunchy and fresh is best.

Yet another little monster is rearing its ugly head when it comes to humankind's battle to eat and stay healthy. It is called hidden chemicals in our canned food. Now you know how the Rapid Results team feel about anything that comes in a box or a can, but on the other hand it is our duty to let you know about the dangers in these food items and that is why we bear all (information wise, that is...)

These hidden and seriously dangerous chemicals have very serious health implications to all of us. Some of them are the increase of the much hated belly fat. Yes, we thought that might get your attention!

So, these hidden chemicals have been discussed in our blog, but we decided that it is much too important to just talk about it once or twice so we are upping our game and we are going to talk about it a lot more. The main culprit is called Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is mostly found in plastic containers and of course, all canned products are lined with plastic so you are not safe if you drink out of a can. BPA is also known as xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogen should not be confused by the hormone that rules woman, oestrogen. They differ chemically.

BPA has been under extensive studies recently. “Xeno” is Greek and it means “foreign”, fits totally with all the foreign junk and life threatening diseases that it puts in our bodies and “estrogen” is obviously the female hormone that makes us ladies fertile. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, after all these studies that was done on xenoestrogen it was labelled as a serious environmental hazard on both humans and the wildlife (or what is left of it) out there.

To make matters even worse is that it was tested on lab animals (the poor things) and not even in big dosages at all and the findings were horrifying. Health issues such as certain cancers, heart disease, metabolic diseases, diabetes, fertility issues in both males and females, miscarriages and birth defects were all side effects of what happened when these animals were exposed to BPA. Oh, of course we are not even mentioning the little fact that it helps your body to hold on to stubborn body fat (of course, belly fat).

So what do we need to do and who do we need to sue? OK, so we are not suing anybody but let us look at what to avoid for starters. Plastic bottles (they are marked with a #7, so avoid it at all cost because they contain polycarbonate.), canned foods, canned cold drinks (you knew you had to avoid these anyway because of all the sugar in it, so you are not drinking this at all, we know) The reason canned food is so bad is because of the plastic lining that contains these chemicals. The leak into the content of the cans and obviously into your body to wreak havoc as it pleases. The canned foods that the worst for you is those with a tomato base. This is due to the acidity of the tomatoes in the sauces which makes more BPA's leach into your food.

Now we are almost back to what we always preach at Rapid Results. Choose fresh or frozen food above the easy to use, convenient canned foods. If you have to do canned foods, then try and find cans that states on the label that it is BPA free (good luck with that, but let us hope that the companies start caring for the health of the people and produce such cans in the near future).

When it comes to tomato based canned foods. Try a recipe out of grandma's recipe book and make a sauce from scratch with some fresh tomatoes. You will love the intense flavours of the freshly produced masterpiece so much, you will never go back to canned stuff anyway. Let us go a little further into the inconveniencing of your lives a little. How about the good old plastic bag that we but our kid's lunch in, or the zip lock that you store your leftovers in, or the good old plastic lunch box? Try and buy containers that are BPA free as far as possible.

Do you microwave food to warm it up? Don't do this in a plastic container! Take the food out of the plastic and put it in glass bowls or containers. The waves of the microwave oven enhances the leaching of BPA's out of the plastic and into your food that you are going to feed your teenager.

Enough scaring for one day, I think. Have you ever wondered why there are so many cases of cancer in the world these days? Why so many people die of heart disease or diabetes related complications. Is it all hereditary or is there another reason? Yes, of course it has to do with the way we eat and the way we live, but think about all the stuff you have just read on plastic and what it actually does when it is let loose in your body. This is hardcore stuff and if we start doing our little bit to help, maybe, generations from now, we made a difference and our children's children, will live happy and healthy lives...