I did a workout 4 days ago. I am still suffering from after training ab soreness. Cool you say! What kind of ab exercises did you do? Because we also want to feel that kind of sore in our abs 4 days later. Well, actually, I did not do any specific abdominal exercise. What?????? No abdominal work at all? So how the hell is it that your abs are sore? Well, let me tell you a story.

We can call it the great ab mistake, and more and more fitness trainers and professionals are getting with the program that sit-ups and crunches is just not that healthy for you to do. There are many top celebrity trainers out there that have not done a single sit-up or crunch in many years and for good reason. They actually do more harm than good. Gasp, gasp, gasp I hear from very many of you. But sit-ups and crunches are the staple of my workout and if you just look around you in the gym, you are not alone. So how do we educate people on the harmful effects of these exercises when it is ingrained in our physical beings to do them and to do loads of them as well?

Just think about it for a few seconds. They haven't worked before and they don't work now, even though you try and convince yourself they do. Oh and by the way, they are not going to work 5 years from now, so you might as well stop doing them. Come to think of it, you do this so called "miracle exercise" every day, when you drive, when you sit in front of the television, when you work behind your desk. You are in this "sit-up" position all day long and yet you want to go to the gym and squeeze the life out of this position even more?

We need to start thinking about our abs as part of a unit and it moves as the body moves. Want something that really works the abs and was the "secret" staple of great bodybuilders of the great era? That stupid little ab wheel that is gathering dust in a deep dark corner of a cupboard, or more recently a more elegant move, the stability ball rollout. Come to think of it, it is just a moving exercise of the age old killer "The plank" You have to stop bending the spine (like you do when you crunch or do a sit up) and you have to start bracing it, like in the plank or the rollout. 

Want to go for some back surgery? Then keep on doing your crunches. Crunches and sit ups will, over time, damage your discs. Bad news? That part of your body does not heal, so if its broken, you cannot naturally fix it, it is broken. So why on earth do you want to deliberately break parts of your body by doing moves that is not good for it and will probably cost you loads of money in future on doctor's bills and hospital fees? So stop herniating your discs and start really working on your abs doing the safe and more effective moves.

Remember, if you want to see your abs it is all about your body fat levels. You can roll the hell out of your abs and plank for hours and yes, you will have amazingly strong abs, but if you do not focus on the body fat levels and drop them to the appropriate levels, you will not see those sexy little muscles. Like my favorite author says: Losing fat is not a lifestyle, it is an all out war, so give it all you have for 28 days and wage war on fat! Dan John, you are a legend.

Oh, by the way, that workout that finished my abs for 4 days? It was as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 5 decline push ups and 5 TRX rows. Jip, that is what killed my abs, push ups and rows! Bring on the real exercises and throw away the back breakers.