Let us start with a very simple scenario. It is Saturday morning, you are home alone. Best friend, hubby, flat mate, kids are not around. You have finished your chores and you can now just relax. This is you time and you deserve it. Nothing wrong with that. You switch on the television and pick a movie/series/cartoon to watch, good stuff. Lazy is very good sometimes. This is also the very critical time when you might (I say might because you might just be one of those super people that never do) get bored and you know what bored people do? They eat!

Jip, I have said it, we eat. What do we eat when we are bored? Anything that we can find. So today I am going to give you the best of the best nutritional tip on earth. If it is there, you are going to have it. And the “I am having it” saying is not really belly friendly in this instance. So go ahead and have it, in buckets full if you want, but if it is not scheduled for a cheat meal or an off meal or a reward meal and you are having it, then one thing that you are not going to have is the ideal body that you are craving.

So what to do if the boredom strikes? It is, yet again, a very simple principle that is not very easy to follow. So follow a simple principle that really works. Hey, I have many of those Saturday afternoon “events” where I just randomly go and open the pantry or the fridge door and just gaze into it with loving eyes, only to find......nothing unhealthy in there. What I do find is some nuts or in the fridge there will be fresh fruit. So what do I have, nuts and fresh fruit and I go on with doing my thing. No harm done to my healthy eating and all is well.

I promise you, if there were chocolates in my pantry, I would have had it. If I had Nutella chocolate spread, I would have grabbed a spoon and stuffed my face, but this is only temporary satisfaction that is going to last all but 10 seconds and then you are probably back with your face in the pantry.

Stick to your planned naughty rewards (I am talking about food here) look at your eating schedule and if it is due for naughtiness, have it, by all means. If it is not due and you are standing with half an eating pack of cheese curls in your hand, you are only cheating yourself.

Like anything in life, if you want it badly enough, you are going to plan it properly, you are going to put a goal in front of you and you are going to follow it to reach the top (or bottom of the scale, whichever way you work) Remove the temptation from your view and you are less likely to be faced with just the crumbs of the Tennis biscuits and a whole lot of guilt.

No need to fear if the bad stuff is not near!