So the Easter long weekend was fun! We had our fill of good old Easter bunny chocolates and you know what? That is ok. You might feel a little bit bloated and a lot more sluggish than before the Easter weekend but that is what we are there for. Let Rapid Results show you how to get back in line and burn off all the excess “stuff” that you are now stuck with.

So with no further frills and spills, here is a list of to do’s to let rip and get rid of all excess and unwanted blubber and sluggish feelings fast:

J Try and eat 4 – 6 smaller meals and snacks instead of 2 – 3 really large and sometimes ugly meals. Eating on a regular basis will help you boost your metabolic rate and get your mind out of the “I am starved and don’t know when I am getting food again so whatever I get now, I am going to save as fat.” mentality.

J On that note, remember that you want to consume fresh, whole foods all day and every day. You want to make sure that it is very low in sugar and very high in fibre. Fibre will not only make you feel more satisfied for longer, it will also control your insulin and blood sugar levels, you know, those two things have a lot to do with fat storage if you keep on spiking it all day long. You would like your food to consist of lean protein sources (that is lean beef, fish, chicken and of course the good old faithful whey protein) loads of fresh fruit and vegetables and some nuts.

J Avoid anything that comes in a box or a sealed bag. It is highly processed and all the chemicals in there acts like rat poison in your body.

J Try and eat some protein (the good kind of course) with every meal. The cool thing about protein is that it keeps you satisfied for longer and that it uses more calories to get digested than fat or carbohydrates. Double bonus!

J Don’t forget about the fat! Healthy fat is so important in our diets but with us wanting to lose fat we often leave the good fats out of our diets because we think it is bad for us.  That is not entirely true, on the contrary, we will get seriously ill if we do not consume fat (the right fat that is) OK, so healthy fat is olive oil, nuts, eggs (yes please), avocados, these are essential and crucial to the body for basic functions, so do not neglect to take!

J Stay away from useless liquid calories, like sodas and alcohol. Consume large amounts of normal, good for you water and drink green tea. It is full of antioxidants that are super good for the body.

J Good habits are key if you want to reach your fat loss goals. Don’t just go on your gut feel when it comes to food. Plan, plan and (can I say it again?), plan. Remember, good health is a lifestyle, not just a temporary solution to your problem. Create good habits for at least 3 – 4 weeks and it will be implemented for the rest of your life. (we hope)

J Lastly on this little list of ours is definitely not the least important, but, like they say, eating right is more important and that is why we put the food things first. EXERCISE, TRAIN, WORK OUT, whatever you want to call it, but do it! It is a crucial part of your fat loss and healthy lifestyle.


Follow the 80/20 rule. If you eat right and exercise in the correct way for 80% of the time, you are allowed to “fall off the wagon” 20% of the time. If that rule applies to your lifestyle all the time, you are well on your way to looking and feeling fabulous.