Some people will say that if you are not squatting in your current workout, you are not really training. Now some will take offence and just scoff this article and close the window, I suppose that is fine. Others will say they have knee and back problems and not even finish reading this article, also ok, I suppose. At least give us the benefit of the doubt and finish reading before you say we are leaning towards power moves (by the way, these are some of your fundamental moves in any training program, we do power moves every week) Squatting does not give you huge legs ladies, it gives you well defined strong and functional legs. It will make you better, not just your legs, but your whole body.

The one thing that you need to know about properly squatting and not injuring yourself is that you don’t just one day decide that you are going to squat, walk up to a barbell and start pressing out reps. Squat technique most be learnt properly. When you have that down, you can go ahead and see the results. Squats are not called the King for nothing.

To squat properly and low down like the boys are doing in the photo needs three aspects of your fitness, balance, strength and flexibility.  So before you run off and load some plates on a bar, you need to just get yourself close to a wall and a chair. Simple yet so effective if you want to squat without any back or knee pain. We are going to focus on balance first. We are very unbalanced creates, for many reasons including the fact that we lie on our chairs in the office, we lie in front of the television and for this reason our core muscles that are supposed to keep us up, gets really lazy and balance goes out the window.  Don’t expect that you are going to squat all the way down or even parallel to the floor during your first session. Everything good and sane takes time, no different with squatting.

Now that you are ready to rock the squat, step in front of a wall. Toes must be pointing about 45 degrees outwards, feet wider than shoulder width and your nose, chin and chest almost touching the wall. Place your hands on the wall, about as high as your ears and wider than your shoulders. Palms flat on the wall. Now you are slowly going to sit back. How do you do this? Lift your face towards the ceiling (or the sky if you are lucky enough to do this outside) this will do two things for you. Firstly, it will make sure that you maintain the natural curvature of your spine (slight bend) and secondly, it will help you to rock all your body weight back onto your heels. While you are sliding down the wall, make sure you keep your chest close to the wall.

Make sure that your abdominals are tight to protect your back and lift your toes off the floor slightly to maintain your body weight on your heels. Like mentioned before, slowly does it. If you can only go down a little, that’s fine. Keep at it until you are able to touch your buttocks to a chair standing behind you.

Until you master this basic move of balance and finesse, you cannot progress to the heavier and more advanced stuff. Squat correctly and you will never suffer from bad knees or a bad back. Progress it too quickly and you will have trouble.

Sensibility is the key. Always. Enjoy your new found power in your squat!