You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and we refer a lot of things to that saying. Especially eating right, exercising hard and all round healthy habits. It takes a while to create these healthy habits and it is all hard work. It also takes a while for us to see the results, weeks, if not months, to see those kilo’s dropping or the leg muscles to show. We can look at it from the other side as well. What am I talking about? If we take months to get our bodies used to eating healthy and exercising regularly and then only do we start seeing real results, then we should not think that all these healthy habits are going to go to waste in one single day! Let me explain.

Most healthy eating plans (note, I am not saying diets, diet is an evil word with evil complications) will advise you on a day or a meal where you can let your hair down and eat all the things that you miss and crave during the week. This day usually falls on a weekend due to many factors like parties and other social gatherings. Now that we have Christmas and new year around the corner, we all go into a total panic because we are going to overeat. Problem number one: We anticipate overeating, never a good idea. The mind is a very powerful thing and by telling it that you are going to stuff your face with everything in sight, you probably will. Problem number two: Due to the anticipation of Christmas and new year we start eating junk nonstop for a full two weeks, every single day! Now this looks like breaking Rome down don’t you think?

1 Day. That is how long Christmas day is. You can build your cheat day or cheat meal into the equation and make sure it is on Christmas day? New year’s day is only one day. That is a whole week away from Christmas day, again, schedule your cheat for that day. Your birthday is only one day per year. Schedule your weekly cheat around that day. Easter, nope, not a full week, only one day. Do you see what I am trying to accomplish here? We anticipate a whole season of bad eating and that is what we do. That is the reason why we pick up the extra weight over the festive season, because we plan around the season and eat badly for the whole season. Breaking down Rome is easy then. Look at special days as just that, special DAYS and you will still be successful in your healthy ways.

Don’t go overboard and eat for two each meal you sit down to. Stay on track and eat healthy all the time and make your special occasions your special meals. Jump right back into your healthy ways the very next meal. It does take a little more self discipline to do that, especially when the whole family is still eating leftover pudding and stuffing two days later. Your body will thank you though and your family will be envious that you kept your figure and your fitness all through the festive season.

One day of bad eating every now and then is not breaking down Rome. Three or four days of continuous bad eating is breaking down those fitness foundations that you have been working on so hard throughout the year. Keep health and fitness at the forefront of your mind this festive season and you will need no new year’s resolutions.