We have all been on those holidays that we just decide, this is the holiday that is not getting in the way of my fitness goals. I am going to have loads of fun, let my hair down slightly with my eating and still try and get a reasonable workout in. You are all pumped up and then walk into the local facility or hotel gym and, wow, very little to work with. Now if you are at all familiar with the Rapid Results workouts, you will know, that even this tiny little gym with barely any equipment is like heaven for me.

I am a strange person. I have almost all the tools I need right there in my home for a kick ass workout every day, but yet, I get in my car and go to my local gym to work out most of the days. Why do I do that? To focus my attention completely on my workout without any home distractions. I figure, I used up fuel and took the effort to go so I better make the most of it. Now it is basically the same with a hotel or holiday facility. I would rather go to one than try and do a basic bodyweight workout in my room or apartment. I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way. But let us get back to the scarcely equipped facility.

The problem we have with these facilities is not what they have, we look at what they don’t have. Oh no, they don’t have a squat rack, how am I going to squat now? Oh no! No treadmill, what now? All you really need is a descent set of dumbbells and you are set to do a rocking workout. Example: Want a 20 minute fatburner? No problem. Grab a set of db’s and let us rock!

Set your timer for 20 minutes (or just watch the hotel clock, there is bound to be one in the gym) every minute, on the minute do the following sequence:

  •  5 Thrusters
  • 5 Reverse lunges each leg
  • 5 Mountain climbers each leg

Do this as fast as you can, your resting period is whatever you have left of the minute and do this for 20 minutes. This will burn some serious fat and you will be in and out of the gym in no time flat to go to the beach.

Want to do a bit of a muscle builder?

Ok then.  You are a beast and you want to give your legs a good workout. Grab the heaviest db that you can find in the gym and let’s go squat.

Every minute, do 8 single arm squat and press, each arm, that is a total of 16 squats per minute,  drop down and do 10 push ups and rest for a minute, do this 10 times and move along. Do exactly the same for bent over db rows and goblet squats. And there you go, a good little sweat session just for you.

Remember, you are on holiday, so get some fresh air and some activity outside of the gym with your family and friends. 

Have fun!