Right, it is 2014! We are all jiggly with excitement for new beginnings and new things to come. A lucky packet of what to expect of this new year, a new book if you may with 365 (some less now) pages to fill with brand new life experiences. It is all there for the taking, it is all your choice, just make it happen.

Yeah, that really sounds cool and easy hey! Let us put everything else to the side for a minute or two and just look at what is important for this site, your health and fitness. Now I am not saying everything else is not important, it is, but I can't fix everything, just what I am good at and that we are going to focus on, your health and fitness. So the the thing is, is your New Year's Resolutions going to fester into a little heap of nothingness, like most of them usually do? The reason is simple. We make huge and unbelievable resolutions that we cannot keep and that is why we can't keep up with them. We keep them for about a week and then, slowly but surely, we go back to "same old same old"

Now there is a lot of ways to get around going back to same old, I will give you a few, but it is up to you to decide how you want to tackle this. In my previous post I talked about how to handle it as an all out war. By "it" I am talking mainly about diet and eating as cleanly as possible. Read the previous post if you are interested in a 28 day all out war on bodyfat. That all out war is all about eliminating most sugar and starch from your daily eating. Don't drink any liquid calories, which means basically drinking only water and no alcohol. That is tough. You have to have a tough mind, (and I suppose a tough body) to handle this. It is going to be hard but worth it for extremely fast fat loss. Keep a journal to keep you in line.

Another way to do this is to eliminate one "bad food" every week, until you have cleaned up your diet sufficiently for you to reach your goals (be it FAT loss or MUSCLE gain). For example, if your vice is muffins in the morning, a packet of saltiness early morning, a burger and fries for lunch, a chocolate late afternoon and a huge bowl of pasta with a beer for supper, getting rid of all of that in one go can be daunting. So choose one and drop that for the first week. You don't even have to drop anything else in that first week, just the one and my suggestion would be to start with breakfast. Drop the muffins and have a bowl of oats and a huge glass of water and keep that up for a full week. The next week, keep the breakfast and fix the late morning snack and so on.

It is your choice how you attack your ultimate goals, but attack them and don't fall back into same old same old. In terms of exercise, it is totally your choice. You can do our Rapid Results workouts (http://www.rapidresults-fitness.com/workouts.php), fit1000, a class at your local gym, P90X, crossfit, it doesn't really matter (yes, whatever, crucify my now for saying whatever to some really major fitness trends out there!) at the end of the day it is fitness and if you are doing something you are better than the person sitting on the sofa eating crisps and doing nothing.

Don't be same old same old again in 2014!!