It has become a common practice among us mere mortals to always leave everything on the gym floor (or more gross - somewhere in a dustbin or a corner somewhere) yeah, you hear me, I am calling you out.
The above mentioned mere mortals feel like if they do not kill themselves on a daily basis, they do not get a descent workout and thus, will not reach their fitness goals. This is a trend set by a lot of fitness websites out there and no, I am not hinting towards a certain bands of fitness people out there, I am just saying. So the question begs. Do we have to kill ourselves daily to get to where we want to be at the end of our fitness journey?

.........Pregnant pause here while everybody hold their breaths in anticipation for the answer.  Nope, you don't have to. That is the short answer to a rather complicated explanation that I will not bore you with, too much, today. You will probably kill your gains if you kill yourself on a daily basis, so the long and short of it is to just back off some days, do some heavy lifting with long - ish, rest periods between your working sets. Leave a lot of gas in the tank, go home and eat some healthy food. Rest and repeat. 

Now that is hard. Believe me. We have created a culture of "LET US DIE IN THE GYM EVERY DAY." and to get rid of that is not easy. It is an addiction and you have to scale it down slowly. Now I am not totally against the odd, let us die today workout every now and again. I usually like them on a Saturday because then I am not usually bound by time (and still that workout only takes me about 45 minutes, before I crawl out of the gym, totally exhausted) 

So, back to the problem, if you kill yourself on an average of 4 to 5 times per week, let us start with substituting one killer workout a week with a workout of say, deadlifts. Do a nice little mobility warm up. Do a couple of barbell compound sets.
What's that you ask?

Choose 5 exercises you can do without putting down the bar. Load the bar with the weight you can do, say 5 reps, for your weakest exercise, load up and move through your 5 chosen exercises without putting the bar down. For an example, here are 5 exercises I use a lot.

  • RDL
  • Bent over row
  • Hang power cleans
  • Overhead press
  • Front squats
Rest as needed and repeat as needed, usually about 3 - 5 sets. 

All warmed up, set up your trusted barbell for 5 sets of deadlifts, do between 5 and 8 reps per set. Adjust your weight as needed. If you feel strong, up your weight, if you feel tired, back off with the weight and/or reps.
This is your workout so use your recipe. Make sure you write down reps and sets for a future workout measure.

Guess what? Workout done.

Now feel free to go kill yourself for the rest of the week and come back next week and give such a workout a try again. Maybe a different barbell move or something you would like to get better at, like a barbell clean maybe. 

I am just making suggestions here, but if you want to get better at something you cannot just carrying on killing yourself on a daily basis, trying to beat a previous time and just doing sloppy push ups and injuring yourself. So get to the gym on some days and just practice your movements to get better at them, you don't even have to sweat, although, you probably will.

This might just put the fun back into your training again as well. Just give it a bash.

Happy training.