We all feel a little bit of a squeeze when we put our pants or skirts on in the first week or so of January when we need to go back to reality and work and Rapid Results will help you get rid of the extra flab that crept up during the indulgent holiday season.  


So to start you off we are giving you 3 detox tips to help you get rid of all the nonsense that you have in your body.


#1 Drink up first thing in the morning:


You have been sleeping for quite a few hours when you wake first thing in the morning and you want to get your H2O in as soon as you open your eyes. How much? Probably about a litre! Yep! One whole litre of water, yes, that is a lot of water but remember how long you’ve gone without! There are 2 reasons for so much of the water stuff. First reason is, of course, due to dehydration that we mentioned above. The second reason is that you do not really move around when you sleep and the toxins build up in your liver and bile. Drinking your big gulp of water first thing will help move the toxins out of your body and into the toilet in no time!


#2 Get a green liquid lunch in:


Yeah, that sounds yummy! Right? The big thing here is that we just don’t do ourselves and our bodies any justice because we do not eat enough greens in our diets. The easiest way to do this is to “eat” it in liquid form. We really are not cows that can eat grass the whole day so it is damn difficult to get all our green in. You can however, chuck it all into a blender and wiz it up for a fantastic drink and it won’t even taste vile.


Greens have such huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrient (big word for good stuff) and it brings your acidity levels down too. (this is a good thing). So go ahead and chuck some spinach, an apple, a pear a banana, some lemon juice and some water into a blender and drink up.


#3 Remove sugar, caffeine, grain and wheat products and alcohol out of your diet:


Just for a little while at least. We don’t always realize how toxic these types of foods can be to us, especially when we indulge like we did over the holiday season.  If we consume these types of food on a regular basis, our immune system sees these foods as foreign and our insides get inflamed which can lead to low energy levels. This is not something we want if we need to hit the ground running in 2013.  You will be surprised how your energy levels will soar when you remove these foods out of your diet. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!


When you feel your energy levels go up, you get rid of the unwanted blubber and feel like you are on top of the world you can start adding these foods back into your diet, but do it one at a time so you can notice what type of effect a certain food has on your body.