First off, we are talking fitness here people, so minds out of the gutter. It should take you more than a couple of seconds to make that decision between eating that piece of cake or not (and sadly, most of us will choose to eat it, every time we are set with that decision) I am talking about the secret of muscle building and fat burning. Yeah, the BIG secret and I am going to share it with you today so hold your horses, because you have never heard this before……EVER…….

Yeah, whatever. There is really no big secret when it comes to healthy living, fat loss and muscle building. Just a couple of basic things that we need to do consistently and that is it. We make it complicated for ourselves and it really is not. But today I want to talk about one specific aspect of muscle building and that is “Time under tension”

Just think back to your “normal” body building guy or girl in the gym. (normal these days, by the way, is not the way the good old body builders used to train, but that is an article for another day) They curl, or bench press or machine leg curl at the speed of light, they drop the weights down, grunt and prance around in the gym for a chat and a pick up with the girl on the treadmill for a while. Now if that guy spent as much time doing his exercise than he spent resting, he will be much bigger (and without the juice) than he is now and that, in a nutshell, is time under tension.

So, basically, if you want big legs, grab that barbell, load it up (not too much, be warned) and do 30 reps of quality squats, hell, do 40 or 50 reps if you please and if you rest, you keep that barbell in hand or on shoulder or wherever you hold your barbell when you squat (it is your choice what kind of squat you want to do) you see, when you need to take a breather doing all those ridiculous amount squats, you are still under tension.

So your legs are under the tension of the weight for a hell of a long time and that, my friend, is what creates those micro tears in the muscle that will eventually lead to thicker and bigger muscle. Try that and see if you still struggle to build muscle. (o and book yourself off for a couple of days, you might not be able to walk for a while) So you can choose to do a couple of sets of leg extensions for the front of the leg and then some leg curls for the back of the leg and then some this and then some that and do them quickly while resting forever and see how far you go with your muscle building efforts in your legs. Or, just for a while, mix it up and play with the big movements, the daddy moves of muscle building. Do some deadlifts, some front squats, some cleans and do a few more reps than you usually attempt.

My advise would be this: Do not be afraid of the big daddy moves of muscle building. Don’t be afraid to grab the bar, load it up, or not and do some quality reps for some time under tension. Our muscles grow from stress. If you do not put them under enough stress, they will not get bigger and better. Oh and just as an afterthought, our muscles don’t grow when we train, they grow when we rest and feed them quality food. So don’t underestimate the power of protein with every meal and take your rest days.