We have all been there countless times. We work hard during the year on all our fitness goals and eating habits. We may falter a little bit during the winter months but all in all we are kind of happy with our results. Then comes November and we basically throw the baby out with the bathtub around the middle of the month. Christmas parties start, people that are leaving their jobs for new ones have farewells, lots of cookies and sweets in the shops that just jump into our shopping baskets without us seeing. Sneaky little sweeties.

So how do we put up some barbwire around us to avoid all these Christmas devils that would like to derail our fitness plans? This is the first mistake that we make. If we build a wall around us and say to ourselves: “No cheating, not alcohol, no cake and training 6 days a week.” You are actually setting yourself up for failure. No human being can work with those odds, especially this time of the year. Build a little door into your wall. Plan, plan, plan!

1.    Make the conscious decision to stick to your eating plan during the festive season. The overall rule out there is to eat clean 85% of the time and then you can deviate from your meal plan 15% of the time. Plan this 15% around your year end parties, staff get togethers and big family dinners. Don’ t overthrow your whole week’s worth of clean eating just because there is a party  coming up on Saturday. Use the party as a reward for eating well the whole week.

2.    Eat a small meal before you go out. This is very important to do before a big night out for the simple reason that you will not be so hungry when you arrive at the party and eat everything in sight. A light and healthy snack before a big night out will also help that you do not break the bank when it comes to calories. Remember, all those deep fried goodies are full of all the bad fats that we have been avoiding the whole year. If you make sure you curb that initial social eating by having a small snack or meal before the party, you will be a much happier person the next day.

3.    Have a good workout before the big night. This is not always possible, but it is a good way to get the metabolism working and to burn off some calories. This is also a very big psychological thing for us humans. If you do a workout before the party you will tend not to eat so much during the party because you don’t want to undo all the hard work.

Three small tips will make a huge difference when it comes to the festive season. Just remember that you will be one step ahead of everybody else when January rolls in and all the gyms are full of people with impossible new year’s resolutions. You can then look at them and smile and know that you are way ahead in the fitness race.