We always want to make changes in the new year and like I said a couple of weeks ago, January is dedicated to fat loss and making permanent changes. But it is usually easy to say after a couple of drinks or in the heat of the moment, when it comes to the execution of such plans, it’s a little bit more complicated than just going out and doing it. So after surfing the web for some ideas, I will try and put some points together for you to help you out.

Start today, make one change and then let rip by having the best year of your life!


Take action today!


 We always look back at last year and think of how amazing it would have been if we only started our health and wellness trip then. Yes, the best time to start was probably last year, but hey, it is gone, over and done with, the next best time to start is right now. Don’t know where to start? Get our “14 day fast track to fat loss” by e-mailing me at info@rapidresults.co.za and I’ll send it to you.


Put your action plan in your diary


Yes, schedule your plan. Make it part of your daily to-do list and tick it off when you are done. Don’t let your habits control you, you need to control it. If you schedule your health and wellness plan (whatever it may be) into your diary, you know what to expect every day and it will be easier to handle obstacles as they occur and believe you me, they are going to come around and bite you in the behind, manage them and move on.


How much do you want it?


If you make your choices for 2013 haphazardly, you will probably fail. If you don’t really want it, you will not make it happen. If you become busy with life and family, your health and wellness priorities will quickly become part of a very fuzzy “wanted to do” instead of “I need this for the future of me and my family” Life happens, but health is so much part of your future, you cannot ignore it.


Drop the negativity


We get upset with others and different situations so easily and quickly these days. But we also waist so much of our energy on it that we should really make a conscience decision to cut it out of our lives as much as possible. Drop your negative thoughts and start incorporating positive thoughts as much as possible. Get going on your positive, life changing thoughts and actions as soon as you get sucked into the negative vibe of so many others around you. You are better than negativity.


Be your own person


We so quickly change to be like the next person. Why do we do this? You are YOU for a reason, you are unique and very special. Focus on your strengths. If you act like someone you are not, you are wasting precious energy on useless junk and not on your best year ever!


Treat yourself


Life is not always fun and games but hell, it’s not always hard either. You have to take time off to reward yourself for all the hard work you do, be it at work or by eating healthy and well and training hard every week. You will be surprised on how nice you will feel after a nice treat. Go for a facial or a massage and you will enjoy your challenges even more.


So maybe we did not go all out fitness info for you this week but all the information that I gave you in this newsletter will go miles to help you with your fitness goals this year. Remember, one step at a time and you will see huge returns on your health and wellness investment.