We all dream of having a washboard abs that makes everybody drool when you walk past while showing it off. The thing is, if it was easy, we would all have one and then there would be nothing to drool about. What is the difference of getting a very sexy midriff just to show off on holiday and a shredded one for a competition ready body? Absolutely nothing, Yeah, you heard me right, nada, not a single drop different in the recipe between the two.

Ok, so you may take a longer, more scenic route when not preparing for a competition but it is the same destination at the end. You will be eating and training the same way, at the same intensity and with the same strict one mindedness than someone who is preparing for a competition.


Alright, are you giving up now because it is hard or are you still listening? Hopefully the latter because then you can get let in on some secrets.

Well, maybe I am lying just a little bit, it isn’t really secrets, it is more, plug and play and that seems to be what most of us struggle with. So in a nutshell, here are a few plug and play tricks to get you going.


First off, get drinking the good old H2O, most of us spend our whole lives partially dehydrated and the body is then constantly under pressure and everything you do is just so much harder, just carry a bottle with you, sip the whole day and fill it up when its empty, easy as that. Your body will start running smoother and you will start feeling more energized to do the all-important workout.


Secondly, it is not all in the ab workout routine. Come on, really, we need to know this by now, 100 crunches before and after a workout every single day is only going to do one thing for you, give you a hell of a back ache when you are 20 years older and that is it. Those conventional exercises will never give you the strong functional midsection you have been dreaming of. Sneak your ab routines into your current routine and make it functional, get the body grooving the way it was supposed to, make it twist and turn in ways you would twist and turn during daily body movements. We use the abs by picking stuff up and reaching for stuff so mimic these movements while doing your workouts as well.


Lastly, I am only going to say something very simple. Fitness magazines lie to you, all the time. Do you really think that the workouts and supplementary eating plan with all the thousands of rand’s worth of supplements is the real deal? Do you really think these fitness models will just give away their trade secrets for nothing?


Yeah, simple, yet not so easy but slowly does it and with a couple of changes here and there we can help you achieve what you want come summer. Just don’t fall into the “It is winter now and nobody is going to see my body” trap, you will really find it very hard to get out of come summer and then it will be a totally different horse to ride. Stick it out now and ease into your summer wardrobe later this year.