There is a big debate going on out there in the big bad world about the validity of throwing out the egg yellow. We get peppered by the MD's out there telling us that the cholesterol content of it is too high and that is where our problem lies. (Did the good doctor also mention that it is not just the fact that you eat eggs that makes your cholesterol climb through the roof, it is also the sausage and bacon and the deep fried chips and all the burgers and the beer, the ice cream and chocolate brownies, the apple tart and all the cup cakes?) Not? Thought so. We cannot just blame the good old egg yellow for all our cholesterol problems!

If you throw the egg yellow you basically through away the most nutritious part of the egg. You throw away the part of the egg that is high in anti oxidants very rich in b-vitamins, trace minerals and vitamin A. It is also full of folate, choline, lutein and so other vitamins and minerals we can't mention them all. So if you really look at it, the egg white compared to the yellow has almost no nutrients! And we throw the yellow out? The white without the yellow is not as powerful with the protein that it contains because the yellow help balance out the bio-availability of the protein in the white.

So how good is the yolk actually? The yolk contains more than 90% of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, B6, folate and B12. The egg yolk also contains vitamins A, D, E and K (fat soluble vitamins) and it has all of the essential fatty acids, stuff that we take in with pills these days!

But what about the cholesterol factor?

You either eat the egg yolks that contains the high amounts of cholesterol and your body will not produce as much cholesterol for major and minor functions in the body. If you do not consume enough cholesterol, your body will actually produce more cholesterol because your body NEEDS it! The other plus side about eating the egg yolks is that it actually increases the HDL (good) cholesterol in your body and thus improving the overall cholesterol balance.

There was a study done in America that had a group of men eat 3 eggs every day for 12 weeks while they were on a diet of reduced carbohydrates and higher fat actually increased their HDL (good) cholesterol by 20% while the LDL (bad) cholesterol stayed the same. On the other hand, the men that only ate egg whites showed no difference in either HDL or LDL cholesterol.

It is time to stop chucking away the egg yolks next time when you make your omelette and start enjoying the benefits of all the nutrients in the egg yolk instead of washing it down the drain.

Listen to the study done on people eating egg breakfasts versus people eating cereal (cereal! Step away from the cereal it is bad for you!) The egg eaters either lost or maintained bodyweight while the cereal eaters gained weight (naturally) the reason? Because the eggs have more nutrients, the egg eaters actually ate less kilojoules throughout the day than the cereal eaters.

So go on, enjoy your eggs and stop worrying about the cholesterol.