We always have a choice in everything we do in life. Are we going to drink too much on Friday night and suffer for it the rest of the weekend or are we having one drink and have a fit and healthy, well hydrated weekend without toxins raging through our bodies? Are you going to binge eat from Friday night right through to Sunday evening and say that you will start again on Monday? Or are you going to have that one meal with a milkshake, some french fries and a burger, maybe a chocolate brownie or some ice-cream and then get along with your healthy eating for the rest of your well planned weekend? It is all ultimately your choice, it is your life and you choose how to live it. But with all that is going on in the world today, healthy is always better.

Let’s just look at alcohol for a couple of minutes. We all know that alcohol effects the brain. It interferes with the communication pathways that has an effect on mood and behavior and that is why you so desperately want to dance on the tables and take off your clothes or hit the guy at the bar just because you feel you can. Your bicep muscle is not the only one that is going to droop over time with too much alcohol use, your heart muscle can suffer the same effect and then of course irregular heart beat, high blood pressure and stroke is all on the cards. Liver and pancreas will suffer, cancer can surface and you can compromise your immune system. Now that one drink sounds so much more inviting than the whole bottle!

What about junk food? Or processed food for that matter. In short, processed food is “stuff” that gets pumped with seriously poisonous artificial “stuff”, that our bodies cannot process or use, to last longer on the grocery store shelves. So in a nutshell, it is only made to last longer and make the producers more money. It has nothing to do with our health, as a matter of fact, if I can be blunt, its sole purpose is to slowly make us fat and die a horrible death, no other reason for its existence but that and make some fat cat an enormous amount of money. That is why you must always choose fresh when you do grocery shopping. If is can go off within a couple of days, its good but if it can last a couple of months or years, skip it completely. That said, an occasional pure beef patty on a freshly made roll with lettuce, tomato and a slice of cheese with freshly sliced and roasted potato wedges can go a long way to silence that junk food craving that you have been having, minus the chance of getting cancer!

You have to weigh up your options and get educated. There is a saying out there that the occasional unhealthy meal is not going to make you fat just as the occasional healthy meal will make you a healthy individual. You have to consistently make the healthy and fresh choices and bypass the stuff that has ingredients in that you cannot even pronounce. Why do we eat healthy? That is a question you have to answer yourself, honestly and then make your choice.