I’ve started this newsletter in the general trend of equipping you with vital information to arm you in the festive season, and then I went to gym for my afternoon training session and I change my mind. Many more weeks to give you vital information let us have some Festive Season fun for a change and have a laugh and what things people do when at gym. So kick back and have a giggle….


We all go to gym for different reasons and we get that, some go to a spinning class every single day and their energy levels are up and they have fun, good for them. Then there are those book readers on the treadmill while they walk or when they cycle or are on the elliptical trainer. I suppose it is all good, you get out and away from the television and you are moving. We do however know that moving with intent is much better than just rolling the legs, but hey, you are moving and all the power to you. Have you ever……seen someone reading a newspaper while on a rowing machine? Yeah, read that again. Newspaper folded and in one hand and the handle of the rowing machine in the other! Do you think this dude is having an awesome workout? Maybe a very uncomfortable reading experience and he is actually slowing down and stopping when he “found something interesting” in the newspaper? I had such a giggle I nearly dropped my kettlebell.


Then I saw it all. I walked in behind a very slightly built guy, nice body and all busy on his smartphone. Spent time opposite me on an elliptical trainer, more involved in what is going on, on his smartphone than what he is doing, but hey, who am I to judge, maybe he is warming up. Just before the hour, leaning against a pillar, obviously waiting for someone, still on smartphone. In walks lady personal trainer. Slight guy looks up and lady personal trainer’s hand goes toward bottom of shirt (that hangs precariously close to nether regions) and he kind of moves himself backwards. She says something, lifts said shirt and then start pulling down his shorts and underwear. I didn’t realize but I was actually holding my breath. Anyway, she pulls down the clothes even more until (sigh of relief) she reveals a tattoo (and some pubic hair of course) she then bends down to have a better look. (I so wish I had a camera, because that was classis) you know what the best part of this whole scenario was? The logo on the dude’s shirt: “EPIC FAIL” whenever there was something like a camera moment that was it. Ha ha ha ha


Ok so I had a good sweaty workout and I could’ve told you all about what, why and how long but man, those two moments made my Friday afternoon and sharing is caring. I challenge you to go post your weird and wonderful gym moments up on our facebook page (Rapid Results Fitness Solutions) and share a laugh or two with the rest of the community.