Want to look great? Oh what type of question is that? Of course you want to look good. Is it any easy mountain to climb? Might as well be Everest hey? No way, more like an Everest on top of an Everest an we are closer to the truth.

Take the worries about what to eat out of the equation, will it be easier to do? Maybe. So let's start with what is in the way. If you look at your daily nutritional speed traps, what are they?

  • Parties

  • Travel

  • Restaurants

  • Not planning your daily meals at the office

  • Cocktail hour on Friday evenings

Many problems,yes. Few solutions? Depends on how badly you want it. Now remember it is not about short cuts and it is not about any miracle pills or powders. It is not like climbing Everest either though but it is going to take some effort from your side to eat right so that you can look just right. There are many nutritional articles out there that tells you to eat frequent small meals throughout the day to help your blood sugar levels stay at plus minus the same level during the whole day. That would help you get through your three o' clock slump period without assaulting the vending machine.

How do I eat more frequently and what is the effect on my body? First off, would be the whole idea of a faster metabolic rate? It actually all depends on your current activity level during the day and the only solution there might be some activity to get your body going. To increase your eating frequency it is basically taking your three square meals and divide them into 5 to 6 smaller meals and snacks. This means that if you for argument's sake consume 2000 calories a day, that will be about 666 calories per meal. Now say you change from 3 meals to 5, that will not constitute 5 666calorie meals but 5 400 calorie meals. You are not eating more calories, only more meals. By doing this, your body will enhance its ability to use glucose for energy. You will also release less insulin from your pancreas thus less chance for nutrients to be stored in fat cells. Because you eat less, your stomach is not stretched that much witch is very beneficial for the consistently good energy levels through the day and lastly the bad LDL cholesterol levels in your body will decrease.

All of these have very scientific reasoning behind it but the bottom line is, eating more frequently will be beneficial for you sustaining your energy through a tough day of of work, train and play.

Now just put it all into practise and plan your week to make sure you miss the pitfalls of social eating. You have the incentive to eat small frequent meals. By just packing healthy and fresh snacks you can sidestep the doughnuts in the office kitchen and by telling your colleagues and friends about your health and fitness goals will get you their support on pizza days.

Make sure that you build your cheat meals into your planning so that you can let your hair down every now and then and eat the food you love without feeling guilty afterwards, and remember, don't go and feel guilty on a treadmill for an hour the day after. That just does not work!