What is gluten and why is everybody up in arms about it? Is it the next component that is a big no-no in Hollywood diets? Maybe it is a new fad in the quest to lose weight and look pretty? Or a new idea to make a quick buck?


Let’s look at gluten and what it is.

Gluten is an elastic, rubbery type of protein that is found in rye, wheat and barley that helps bind things together. Gluten also provides important qualities to bread like keeping the gasses that is releases when bread rises before it is baked and also help the bread keeps its shape. Gluten also has the quality of absorbing liquid. Thus, a lot of gluten is used in vegetarian diets!


Most of the food that we eat on a daily basis, some obvious like bread and the not so obvious like chewing gum contain gluten. Why is it such a buzzword in the health industry? Research has shown that gluten can have a seriously negative impact on your health. You can suffer from gluten sensitivity and you might not even know it!

The problem is wheat basically supplies most of the word’s food supply at least 1% of the American population suffers from a disease called celiac disease. A disease that is a result from immune system response to gluten and there can be no symptoms at all to the malabsorbtion of certain nutrients which will lead to organ system problems. The absorption of gluten damages the lining of the small intestines and the body basically mounts a defense system against the enemy. The cure, a gluten free diet! This is bad news for us bread and pasta eaters. In comes the new phenomenon called the paleo diet.


This is an eating style adapted in our modern age that comes from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This is a combination of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts. The theory is that we are genetically designed to eat these foods and not the wheat based diets that we are currently following. Research has shown that this will improve athletic performance and give us relief from autoimmune diseases. Just take a look at our Paleolithic ancestors. Where they overweight and did they suffer from any cardiac diseases? No. Look a little closer to the here and now and you will notice that there are 84 hunter-gatherer tribes left in the world and they are every bit as lean and disease free as their ancestors.


Big note to self, no wheat, they lived off mother earth and the waters that cover her. In other words, no bread or crackers or pastries and no diary products that clogs up their systems and no alarm bells that goes off in the body that some foreign substance has just entered the body.


Something we must start looking at, because the wheat products we have been consuming over the last couple of decades has done us no favors.