In lieu of the article I wrote a week or so ago (Our unhealthy and deadly addiction – is it killing us? September 12, 2011) we are going to dig a little bit deeper into a couple of things today. Firstly, we will look a little closer to our supposed food allergies and its connection to our lack of fat loss and lack of health and secondly we are going to look at how to incorporate it into our daily lives.

Let us firstly look at our food allergies. In recent years, so many experts are digging deeper into food and its effect on our bodies. It might be that we are only sensitive to the different foods out there but in reality, we still react to it and it affects our health. As we dig deeper into this, we realize that it has to do from asthma to migraines and the list just keep on growing! We run to the doctors very quickly and they give is meds. Our medical aids are groaning under the pressure we put it under and we run out of funds halfway through the year. Have we ever considered that we need to look at the food we eat and get rid of those who cut our Achilles heel? The question is how do we figure out just what foods are causing our issues? You will have to take on a process of elimination. Again, we can offer you some really dramatic advice and this go totally in sync with my article on our deadly sugar addiction. In that article I challenged all of you to kick your habit for 10 days and just realize how bad we all have it. Kicking that habit consists of a very dramatic eating plan for those 10 days. In a nutshell you will have to cut out ALL dairy products, ALL wheat products. ALL sugars, (the synthetic kind) ALL processed foods, ALL coffee, ALL alcohol. But then we are cutting out all basic food groups? It seems so if you look at our modern day diets. If you look closely, you will see that you have a lot left to eat. All fresh fruit and vegetables are a YES, all nuts and seeds (in their natural raw state, nothing roasted or coated) is a big YES and of course lean meat, fish and chicken is a YES.

If you think this is dramatic, there are some really tough elimination diets out there that cut just about everything. In retrospect, these diets also ask of you to cut for at least 4 weeks so that your body can stabilize. Like everything in life that is worth its salt, this is not easy to follow. You will feel deprived and grumpy and you will probably suffer from headaches and feel like you want to tear your partners face off with your fingernails. This is however the most proven way to get to grips with your food allergies and how to fix your weight loss, or lack of weight loss problem and it goes without saying that when you stop putting all those horrible processed toxins into your body, you will get and stay healthy in a jiffy.

How do I get going with this? You have to plan. Otherwise you are going to throw the towel in long before your end date. It should not be as hard as you think it is going to be and of course a positive outlook at your whole life changing effort will help a lot. Don’t just take a leap.  You need to research recipes that will suite your new eating style, work out a weekly menu and go shop from that menu. This way you will have the right food in the house and you will know what to do with it. Just getting home on a Monday night and deciding you cannot look at yourself in the mirror anymore and that you are going to start right there and then is not going to cut it. You will still see those leftover chocolates from the weekend staring you in the face and before you know it, boom, eaten. This brings us to point number two in your planning scenario. You have to clean out your fridge and cupboards of ALL unwanted foods. Throw it away, give it away but get rid of it. If it is there, it will be eaten, full stop. Nobody’s resolve is that great that you will just leave it in the cupboard and not eat it. Take it away.

If you can, cook in advance, put it in containers and you know you can just grab and run before you hit the traffic for work. Now talking about your willpower on not eating that piece of chocolate, keep that very important nutritional log (you can download it from you have to keep a close eye on what you eat, but not necessarily on how much, see this is all healthy stuff so don’t let yourself get hungry. Your mood is going to change, due to lack of sugar and caffeine but keep tabs on it and write it down. It will also be cool to do some basic measurements and maybe a weigh in to see how dramatically it changes (it is worth it, believe me)

Remember, this is obviously not cookie cutter and you will find different things work for different people and that is why it is so profoundly important to keep that food/mood diary to track what happens with your body in these couple of weeks. This might not do anything for you, but you will never know, but this can change your life forever. Want more energy? Do you want to sleep better at night? This can all be answered by taking away what is man made in the first place. Processed junk was never supposed to enter our bodies, yet it did and it had an impact. You have the power to change that.