We all like to just kick back and enjoy a couple of public holidays and this Easter it is going to be no different. But, with Easter comes a lot of eating traps for us and this little piece of information is going to help you choose the right foods to help you stay lean and not pick up unnecessary kilo’s.

The golden rule is always: If it is in your house/cupboards/fridge, you are going to eat it. So rule number one should be to get rid of all the junk immediately. Ok, so there might be some unhealthy stuff in your house for a while. If the festivities are over, get rid of it. I had some birthday celebrations this weekend with cake and all. Monday came, I loaded it in the car and gave it away. Yes, I know, so I put my unhealthy food in other people’s mouths you say? True, but they were also people that don’t really get to eat cake that often, so it was a treat for them. Back to our own homes. Make sure you stock your kitchen with healthy and nutritious snacks and food and it will force you to make a good choice every time you feel peckish.

Ok so let us start with stocking your fridge:

C Fresh vegetables: To make sure your veggies is always in good shape (like yourself) choose vegetables that is in season. Make sure you have plenty of veggies like onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach and broccoli.

C Eggs: Whole eggs that is. A lot of people are really scared of the innocent egg yolk.  Yolks are the most nutritious and nutrient dense part of the egg and then we throw it away? If you are worried about the cholesterol in the egg yolks, it has actually been proven that whole eggs increase your good cholesterol.

C Coconut milk: Again, I must stress that although coconut milk is high in fat, it is the good saturated fats that is contained in it. Yes, you do need fats, from the right sources for your body to function properly. Coconut milk add richness to food and smoothies so go ahead and give it a try.

C Nuts: Again, a great source of the fats that we need and of course it is a very easy snack and on top of that it is delicious. Make sure you buy raw nuts and that it is not roasted and/or salted.

C Dairy: In this section you are looking at cottage cheese, ricotta cheese (very high in whey) and yogurt (best is plain Greek yogurt) Mix your yogurt with some cottage cheese, add some berries and you have a fantastic snack right there.

C Avocados: Very high in fibre and nutrients and they are lovely in wraps or as a spread or even with your morning veggie omelette.

 C Berries: Fresh, but if you cannot find them fresh, frozen works just as well. They are super quick to add to smoothies, your morning oats or your midmorning yogurt snack.

Now that your fridge is fully stocked with all the yummy goodness of nature, let us have a look at what should be in your freezer, and no, ice cream is not on the list!

C Fish: As you know, fish should be a very important part of your daily diet. Choose from different varieties to that you do not get bored. Of course, if you can, choose fish that was caught in the wild because mass produced, farmed fish has got a real imbalance in omega 3 and omega 6.

C Boneless, skinless, chicken breast: Very easy and very convenient, just defrost and it goes with stir fry’s or your favourite veggie of the day.

C Beef: Organic, grass fed beef that it.

Fridge and freezer covered. Let’s move on to what should be in your cupboard that will not lead you into temptation.

C Honey: Yes, there is always a catch with healthy stuff. This time you should go for raw honey. They are readily available in the stores now. Add it to your tea or into a smoothie right after your workout. Yes, it is sugar but it is certainly not refined white sugar and a little bit goes a long way.

C Nut butters: A lot of stores stock cashew butter and macadamia butters these days. They are a bit pricey but they are worth it. You can still stick with good old peanut butter, just make sure it is natural and not the processed commercial stuff.

C Oats: Do not opt for the “ready in a second” oats, they are very high in sugar. It is very nutritious and high in fibre. If you are seriously trying to lose some body fat, opt for egg breakfasts with veggies and healthy meat, otherwise, stick with your oats.

C Dark chocolate: Wow, really? Chocolate in my cupboard? You want to go as dark as possible, 70 – 75% cocoa. If you really have a sweet tooth, use this as a treat for yourself and it has lots of antioxidants, bonus! Make sure that you do not eat the whole bar, it still has a lot of calories so stick to one or two squares.

OK, so you are now armed and dangerous! Make sure you stock up on some fresh fruit like bananas, apples, pears, plums, grapes, peaches, pineapple….the list goes on and on. With this in your homes during Easter, you can hardly go wrong. You will have loads of energy and ready to take on the world! Good luck and enjoy your Easter!