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We all like to use the buzzwords quite often and this particular buzzword is detox. I am detoxing this week to get my body back to its natural state, is something we hear very often these days. Let me throw a little spanner in the works here. If we live healthy all the time we do not need to reset the clock all the time. If we have to detox every month or so, are we not putting so much strain on our bodies in the first place by eating huge amounts of fatty and unhealthy foods that trying to reset the clock can turn out to be disastrous?

So what is detoxing all about? If you really thing about it, our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of the normal body process. It is the body's most natural process in eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Today it is a bit more difficult due to what we do to ourselves! Granted, high pollution levels in the air also plays a part but it is mostly about what we put into our bodies that is the problem and the biggest concern is that we do all that very willingly! Too much animal protein, too much saturated fats and trans fats, too much processed everything, way too much alcohol and caffeine. Our poor bodies are pulling hard to keep our systems natural and healthy and we are pulling just as hard, if not harder in the other direction. You should think that we would realize that if we pull too hard the cord is going to snap and that is why so many of us try detox diets to try and salvage what is left.

If you really think about what strain we are putting on our bodies every time we put a packet of crisps into it and we still do it very willingly do you think a detox every now and then will save us from early death? Now to detox is probably better than to do nothing at all and just keep on eating the way you do but why do we not just give our bodies a break and make a habit of eating healthy, unprocessed and fresh foods? Too much effort? No way, it actually takes less effort to prepare food like that. The effort comes to how the body responds to these foods. We have taste buds and unfortunately our taste buds have been brainwashed and the effort comes in to reprogramming and not the changing of the habits.

The key point here is not to overindulge on a regular basis and then think a detox week is going to be your saving grace. Rather change your bad habits one little habit at a time. The easiest way to do this is to write down everything you eat and drink for a whole week. Have a look at your eating habits and what was good and bad in it. Choose one bad food that you eat a lot of and only eliminate that and replace it with something fresh and healthy. By doing this every week, you are actually reprogramming your body very slowly to start enjoying the foods that is actually going to give you more energy throughout the day and will help to build up your immune system so you will get sick less.

Changing your diet this way will lead to a longer better and more healthy life without the guilt of overeating all the time and without the need of a detox diet every other week!