Hey, so stop me if this does not sound familiar: One day not so long ago, I decided to go on a diet, it was so cool, I got over my initial sugar cravings and started feeling really good and energized, then my body started rebelling and I got a bit hungry. Of course, I did not have the right food available and, alas, I ate what I could find and, yes, my diet started suffering. One time I was travelling for work and got stuck in an airport and, yes, again I made a couple of bad choices, and my diet was left behind when I boarded the plane. There was this one time that I really got busy with a new project and had to get it finished by a certain deadline, I got so busy that I neglected to eat my scheduled meals and when I eventually got to eating, I just ate everything in sight and believe me, it was not a pretty sight. The other week I skipped a couple of my scheduled meals and ended up gorging on doughnuts in the offices of a certain college, I could have waited till I got my hands on some decent food but no, I smelled the doughnuts and it was all over. No harm done, I did eat, like nothing, the whole day so really, what’s the point now? So, did this sound familiar? Are you giggling there by your computer because you can relate? We have all been there and that is why we will jump in and give you our super-secret ingredients to a no fail diet emergency situation. These guys are little supermen and women when it comes to these little meal emergencies and they are simply called fruit, nuts and biltong. You cannot screw up on your plan to be the healthiest, fittest and strongest you can be with these little fellows by your side. Just look at them. They don’t need any prep time, you can pre pack them in these little zip lock bags. Nuts are full of healthy fats and they’ve got a nice amount of protein. Fruit is an awesome source of healthy carbohydrates, minerals and those all-important vitamins to stay healthy come summer or winter and let us not forget about super protein rich good old biltong. So now that you have our best ever secret, no excuses to get that healthy eating back on track no matter what you do or where you are going.