In the previous post we talked about how important it is to mould your training success to be like a transformation contest or actually entering one. In this post we are going to focus on how to get you there with a guide that breaks the nitty gritty down to make it easy for all of you wanting to look fabulous this year.

The most rewarding thing that you are going to learn is how your body reacts to certain exercises and food. It is a great learning experience that is probably going to set you up for life. You will be rewarded richly if you stick to your guns. So let’s see what the first step is to an awesome 2010.

What do you see in the future?

Or in other words, what is the bigger picture? Are you simply tired of being overweight and feeling tired and lethargic all the time? Are you doing it for health reasons? You might have a history of cardiovascular diseases in your family and you do not want to go down that road. Maybe you want to look gorgeous for that special event or holiday you are going. It doesn’t matter what your reason is for wanting to change, it is important though to use this reason as a motivational tool or catalyst to get you going and keep you on the road to success. It is important to realize that YOUR number one reason for change might not be health, but it should be THE number one reason. You will not see results if you hurt yourself during training or starve yourself until you cannot lift your arms. Common sense must rule in everything you do!

You must enjoy yourself.

It might not always be fun to think that you need a crane to lift your sore body out of bed in the morning and you will probably want to go test your sanity to actually go back and torture yourself all over again but, it is absolutely amazing to see the changes happening to your body and when friends and family start noticing and making comments, it is so worth it. Focus on these things. The “You look fantastic” comments, the fact that you do not get out of breath when you run around with your kids and the heaps of energy that you have throughout the day.

The social connection.

You have heard it so many times and you are going to hear it again. If you sit in your office one day and say to yourself: “It is time to make a change in my life. I am going to start training and eating healthy.” Fantastic and congratulations on making that choice, but as long as you keep it to yourself and tell nobody about your decision you have no accountability except to yourself and we all know how forgiving the “self” is. You start cheating on your healthy eating, you start skipping your workouts and because no one knows about your goals, no one can help you stay focused. Telling a selected few or the masses is your choice but tell someone. It will make healthy eating easier when your husband of wife eats healthy with you do help and support you. It is easier to skip the dessert when you are eating out with friends because there is less pressure on you. Better still, find a friend that has the same goals as you and start your transformation together! You will be accountable to each other for pitching up to training sessions, you will motivate one another when one is not feeling 100% sure they want to keep going and you can talk about what is hard and what is easy. You can also celebrate together when you reach your mini goals. This is also where enjoyment aspect comes in. If you train with a friend you can have fun while training hard. Laugh and joke with each other while getting into the best shape of your lives.

Join a competition:

Yes, we are a competitive species. Why do you think we love watching sports and get so annoyed when our team loses? There is a couple of ways you can approach this. Look at your local bodybuilding or physique competitions and choose one that is a couple of months away. Enter and pay the fee. This way you will know that you are 100% committed to this and cannot back down. The second way to do it is one of the online supplement transformation contests or maybe there is a transformation contest at your local gym. This is a little less invasive for the simple reason that you only need to take a before and after photo and not parade around on a stage like a bodybuilding or physique competition. Either way, you will get the motivation to keep you on track and reach the body of your dreams.

Watch this space for some killer tips on how to stay on track.

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