Carbs have been getting a bad rap in the last couple of months and I thought it a good thing to just talk you through using carbs in your diet and still drop weight.  You need to be warned that there are no quick fixes so you have to have a long term plan in mind and with 2013 lurking around the corner, now is a very good time to think about your long term health. The problem with this approach is called “weekends, family gatherings, birthdays, Christmas and, and, and” and because of that we sometimes feel the need to “out train” those diet mistakes. But can you do that? And can you do it safely?


We are usually, as a rule of thumb, good during the week. We pack our lunches to work, drink lots of water because it is standing on the desk but then the weekend rolls around and we can’t seem to avoid the carbs all around us. So whatever your “oopsie doopsie” moments are, we need to look at an aggressive strategy to spark your fat loss effort.


So if you have been following our workouts on the website you will have realized that we have been adding a thing at the end of the workout called “Rapid End” these are very impressively called finishers, or killers or throwdowns or happy endings or whatever you want to call them but in simple terms they mean a burst of fat burning injection after your conditioning session. Now your plan with these “Rapid End” type finishers is to incorporate them into your off days when you had your oops moment with carbs and they are usually (to make life easier for you) a bodyweight circuit.


It is not a wizard’s wand by any standard, so be warned, you cannot just do 6 minute workouts and eat your face off and think you will stay in perfect shape. There is a very infamous video on Youtube that shows the speed that you rack up calories when eating a piece of pizza compared to someone running on a treadmill at full tilt. The pizza eater won of course. So don’t use your “Rapid End” as a be all end all magic spell! But, be that as it may, during this holiday season, all you sometimes have is 6 minutes, use them people and get going with your fat burning efforts during eating time!


To give you an idea of what I am talking about, here is a nice little bodyweight “Rapid End” to add when you stuff your face just a little bit too much with carbs.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes:


5 Squat jumps

5 Slow motion push ups

10 Total body extensions


Every time you do this circuit, you want to aim for more circuit and thus, increase the density of the finishers and burn more fat!


Go give this one a bash and tell us how you faired.