So......I haven't done this in a while, you know, write something fitness related so that the people can enjoy (or not) the rantings of someone who thinks she knows something about fitness.

Anyway, back to Monday and brownies for breakfast. Low and behold, fitness professionals do have a soft spot for all things bad, oh, I have said it, there is bad food out there. It's my hubby's birthday today, he is getting on a plane for a week long business trip in a couple of hours and we are celebrating before he leaves. Yes, I am a human being first and then a fitness professional. I live my life just as a normal person does and I do celebrate special occasions with cake and yummy stuff. We eat, we drink, we celebrate and then we go train. We call this balance and it is something that I really suggest all of you get right in 2016 before anything else.

So think of your New Year's resolutions quickly. It is the second week of January, who is already cranky from eating rabbit food for a week and so sore you cannot go sit on the toilet properly without making cow noises? If you are nodding yes right now, just rethink your situation quickly. Will you last another week like this? What will happen when you crack? Are you going to binge the living daylight out of a box of cookies (and when I say box, I mean one of those mega big, super extra large boxes). 

So my suggestion will be to get the balance back in your life and then slowly make the changes. 
Stick to this blog and I will help you to get those changes going. Remember, to make a small change once a week is better than none at all, then aim for twice a week and so on. Make one change at a time. We are human. Listen carefully, WE ARE ONLY HUMAN! And humans struggle sometimes, so don't be so hard on yourself. 
Having that one brownie this morning is not going to make me throw all my good intentions for this week in the water. My next meal was a couple of eggs and a tall glass of water. See, right back on the bandwagon with no fuss whatsoever.

Be your own person and move at your own pace. If you do it this way, you will still be on the bandwagon by July. Much better than 90% of the people out there that will be back on with all their bad habits and thinking 2017 will also come and then they will try again. Don't be one of those. Be yourself.