Do you think that you can improve your overall performance by just doing humbling bodyweight workouts? Hell yeah, we in the Rapid Results team would yell at the top of our voices. You all know, when we call a bodyweight workout, you know it is going to burn a bit. It is really important to included bodyweight moves in every single workout during your weekly sessions and yes, you can include them into a normal strength training session. Actually, you HAVE TO include them if you want to see real results.


You can basically mix your bodyweight with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags and TRX’s. This is when you take your workout to the next level and bodyweight moves just become a whole lot more nasty, in a good way of course. Now you don’t have to make it seriously complicated, you know my simple, stupid philosophy so just think about it a little. You can make countless little crusher type circuits that will build huge strength and with that, huge gains.

You know, bodyweight training serves as a building block for all training, if your basic bodyweight moves suffer because you are not strong enough it is just an invitation for injuries and you all know that injuries equal no training and that is just not on!


With that in mind, let us look at a couple of killer bodyweight moves that you can (actually must) include in your weekly training routines.


SPRINTS – Yeah, they are bodyweight training ya’all!  It should be at the top of your list, yet, very few of us are actually doing them. Why? They are hard! You should aim to sprint at least once per week. Like they say, run like someone is chasing you every once in a while (in our case, once a week) Your body will naturally build up the strength to increase your ability to sprint well so get going!


PIKE PUSH UPS – We all know how powerful push ups are, but add a twist and get some shoulder work into it! In comes the pike or shoulder push up. We usually don’t have enough shoulder mobility to do basic hand stand holds against the wall (which is of course the progression to pike push ups and then eventually hand stand push ups), shoulders need mobility, otherwise it gets injuries, simple as that. Get the shoulders involved in bodyweight moves and make sure you warm them up properly with shoulder rolls and stick ups.


TRX PUSH UPS – Yes, you can do the ones where your hands are in the handles, but believe me it is a whole different Cinderella story when you put your feet in the stirrups and ride that horse to town! Elevated feet, elevates the intensity and then you are instable and have to keep the legs still, man, do you feel your abs working! Do this, today!


PISTOLS – Deadly, very hard to do and we usually don’t have the strength and mobility in the ankles to do it. To the rescue is the trusty TRX, holding onto the handles help you stabilize and get the best out of the one legged squat. You can also use a high bench, sit down using just one leg and stand back up again. Slow and controlled is the best way to build up strength.


STABILITY BALL ROLL OUTS – Ok, so we are using some “help” in our bodyweight exercises, but this is one of the best core (ab and lower back) exercises. You need to start doing this one on your knees. You will feel your abs stretch from rep number one. Make sure you control this move, no jerking or fast as you can stuff here.


FULL BODY PLYO PUSH UPS – what? Yeah, we sometimes throw in the odd, let your hands leave the floor when you push up but this one takes the cake. Your hands are not the only things leaving the floor here. Your feet do as well. Yes, both hands and both feet in the air. This essentially turns the move into a full body move. Kick ass with this one. Get them going in the beginning of the workout and keep your reps low while you are still building up strength.


I hope you can incorporate these into your training sessions and see the results in no time.