So it is another week. We are looking at almost the end of January. Jip, this year is speeding along at a rapid pace, the question is, are you keeping up? A lot of people are already up to their ears in work and family commitments and that promise they made to themselves on New Year’s eve is long a past whisper. 

Life is hectic, all the time, it feels overwhelming in the first month or so during a new year due to basically just getting back from being very laid back and not at work, so it is an adjustment to get back into the swing of things. The thing is, life is always this hectic, we just have to take it in our stride (yeah and now you are probably telling me I am such a big mouth and I don’t know what I’m talking about, ok, fair enough) It is just that if life wants to hammers a nail into your head, it is your choice to duck out of the way. There is a saying out there that eating the wrong food is the most toxic and wrong of handling stress and depression and exercise is the most underrated and cheap, and the most effective remedy.  

You know you can start with something as little as some push ups while you are watching your favourite tv show at night. A couple of sets and some planks in between and you are sorted. Do a set of 10 push ups and a 30 second plank during every ad break maybe three or four times a week and you are already “lapping” the guy sitting on the sofa. 

It does not have to be complicated and rocket science. You don’t have to be bullied into buying an expensive gym contract by a consultant that hasn’t seen the inside of training gear for, probably, never, but he or she will still insist that joining and training is the best thing since sliced bread. Crossfit is not really for beginners so I won’t suggest it if you have been “dormant” for a couple of years, so if you want to get into it, maybe just get of the sofa for a couple of months and then go that direction. P90X is also for the hardcore with its six to seven days a week of training, so if you want to get in really great shape, I would suggest both of these options (not preferring one over the other, because I’m still a lover of exercise, doesn’t matter in which form it comes) I am also not a hater of certain groups, I will just give my suggestion on how to approach such groups of training methodology. (Like I did above) but haters will be haters and they can and will slam anything they don’t agree with, let them be and get rid of the negative energy and focus on YOU. YOU are the one that wants to make the difference and YOU are the one that will duck out of the nail’s way.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. Let us get into a little workout that you can do anywhere, anytime and in no time at all. It involves all the classics and will basically just get you a’moving.

It all depends on your level of fitness so I am not even going to suggest rounds here, that is totally up to you.

Your exercises are as follow:

7 Push ups

7 Reverse lunges – with left leg

7 Reverse lunges – with right leg

7 Tricep dips

30 Second plank

Do as many rounds as you can/want/have time for.