We all want to look good. Awesome, show stopping. You look up photos on Google of your idols. You download them. Put them up as wallpaper on your computers. You have their photos stuck on your mirror to inspire you. You want to look like them and create a stir like them when you walk into a room. You get caught up and sucked into their lives. You want to look like them. Awesome in everything we wear, look, feel and feel great. Do you want to make the sacrifices they make to look like that?

If you want to be different from the average person out there, you have to act different. To not do what everybody else does. Do not go out to cocktail evenings and fill yourself with alcohol. Not to eat the doughnuts on the countertop in the kitchen at work. Not to eat fast food when everybody else does. This is hard. This needs planning, shopping ahead, bringing your healthy food to the office. It means to stand strong when the guys bring pizza to work and share with everyone.

Do you want an awesome body? We all want one. Do we envy the girl or guy that walks past you that looks absolutely fabulous? Of course we do. Realize though that when you turn a lighter (or sometimes a darker) shade of green that the colour alone will not get you the body you want. You have to be awesome from the inside first. What does that mean? Have a positive mind frame in everything you do, from work to your workouts from packing your lunch to eating that lunch when others are eating junk.

It is hard. To look good is a sacrifice. We all watch the entertainment channels once in a while and listen to the celebrities talk about how they don’t really watch what they eat and that they never train. They lie. They stand there in front of the camera and do what they do best. They act. They make the average you and me believe that we can carry on doing what we do and look awesome. Take it as a challenge. To be awesome, you need to act awesome in everything you do.

Eat well and train hard. These are the cornerstones of a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Keep on doing the ordinary and you will always look and feel ordinary. Go one step beyond. You will never know what waits on the other side. Go ahead, give it a try.