Yes, you go to the gym 5 times per week. Yes, you spend a fair hour and even more in the facility. The question begs: What do you do while you are there? It is amazing how many people sit around and do nothing for minutes on end in a gym. All they do is hog a piece of equipment for far too long. Is going to gym a social affair? For some people that is a resounding yes! This is where I meet people, friends and maybe future dates. Good for them. They must not expect to see results in the abdominal, chest or back area. So the question remains: Are you effective in burning fat and building muscle when you are training?

There is a very easy answer for this question. Do you break a descent sweat when you train? No? Not a very effective workout then, is it? Do I spend an hour in the gym and smile all the way back home because I have yet again put in the time? Same, boring old workout again? Do you know that this is probably the reason why you stop training after 2 months? The first reason is that you are putting in the time but not really seeing the results and the second reason is you are so bored by the workout that you just cannot bring yourself to do it yet again. All reasons for you to fail in your long term health and fitness plan. All very easily adjusted.

The first problem is time. We all work long demanding hours and are so exhausted by the end of the day, nobody feels like a workout. Make your time worth your while. Remember to always think of it this way. Do I want to spend 45 minutes on a treadmill at medium pace jump off do some boring machine exercises and go home and stop burning calories the moment you get off the treadmill? Or do you want to work hard for 30 minutes, don’t get bored and burn calories hours after you have stopped working out? Yes, the second answer sounds so much better! How do I do it?

Quality work is the key here. Bodyweight exercises are king so set up a little circuit of 4 exercises, move from one exercise to the other with very little or no rest and complete a couple of rounds of your circuit. The options are endless and you can have a different workout for all 365 days of the year! You will never get bored, you will work up a descent sweat and you will challenge your body in ways it never knew possible, thus, seeing results at a rapid pace.

Does this sound like the way you want to train? Well, jump in and give it a try. The person looking back at you in the mirror will thank you for it!