We live in a century and a world that is so work orientated that nothing else matters. The first thing we think of is making a success with our lives and to be financial independent. To do that we let most things slip and the first thing that goes is health and wellness. Of course the first thing we skip on a daily basis is breakfast. Easy enough to skip and way easier and better than skipping getting dressed or combing your hair when you are late in the morning.

What usually happens in most households is a cup of coffee for breakfast. Great, let us dehydrate ourselves even more with caffeine after a night of fasting and no liquids. This will keep you satisfied for about 5 minutes and then you are going to grab that high sugar high fat muffin that will make you feel energetic for another 5 minutes before you start craving more sugar. If, on a good day when you are not late, you do have breakfast, you will have a high sugar high in wheat cereal that the big monopolising wheat companies sell as high in vitamins and minerals and we believe them. Who can have air for breakfast and feel 100% the whole morning long. If you are doing any of the above for breakfast you are seriously putting your health at risk!

So you made the choice to be healthy and eating right. The first step to do this right and to get the most out of your new commitment is to start right and by that we mean start the morning right, with breakfast. You don't have time in the morning? Let us ask you the next question. Do you value convenience more than your health? If you value your health (which is, by the way, the one thing you need to do all the other things you want) get up a bit earlier in the morning to make time for breakfast. It is a simple principle. If you want something in life and set a goal to achieve it you will (or should) do whatever it takes to achieve it. You should not make excuses for the types of food you eat when at the office or be embarrassed about bringing your lunch to work instead of ordering take out. It is your choice and you will reap the rewards and part of getting to your goal is eating breakfast. No one is forcing you to eat breakfast and if you don't want to that is fine, but don't blame anybody if you do not reach your goals!

Now the next thing that you should avoid like the plague is feeling guilty about not eating right. It is Guilt is not going to make you take action or be accountable for that action or the lack of action. Guilt only chases people away it does not make them accountable. Stick to what you know is right: Eating healthy + training the right way = success. If you mess with this equation, you mess with the end result. So you can mess with eating healthy, change the end result and feel guilty about it, run away and go back to your old ways, or you can change the equation, know what the outcome will be, take accountability for your actions and get going again. And of course the last and best option is stick to the equation and reap the rewards.

If you break this equation up a bit more, eating healthy means eating a nutritious breakfast. This is a crucial part of the plan to get your body in shape and needs to be followed for the end result. Simple. Don't eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning and you will probably not reach your results.

Start your day and your new health and wellness regime with a good breakfast and you will not only start your metabolic rate for the day, you will set yourself up for success, not only in fitness but also in your work environment. High energy levels will take you places!