What is a Stotan and why is it important to be one? Is it good to be one? Are the principles sound? Who believes in these principles?

Many questions for a principle that many of you have not even heard about, so let's start with the first question. What is a Stotan?

A Stotan is a person who hardens, strengthens and beautifies the body by following consistent habits and regular exercise. These basic principles are then eventually made part of the lifestyle plan of such individual. More importantly it is also about the mind of such individual and what ideas and ideologies that is adapted by the person. This becomes a lifetime goal for the person as of course, perfection is an ultimate search for all of us.

Let's dig a bit deeper into what a person is that follows the Stotan principles. They are nature lovers who believes in hardness, toughness, unswerving devotion to and ideal, may this ideal be to lose weight, gain some muscle or just getting into shape to play with your kids. Stotans look upon nature (the sea or the mountains) as something to associate themselves with, in other words they love to train in mother nature and their morale believes are as strong as their believes in fabulous bodies.

Another important belief of a Stotan is that it is just as important for mind and body to rest as it is to work it to the ultimate level. They believe that you cannot maintain your body or mind at the height of efficiency if you do not take a break from life and training. You have to aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per night and no party after 12 at night! And of course they believe that they are leaders in their respective communities.

Wow, quite a mouthful, but not far from where we all would like to be in our lives. We all like to eat good, clean food on a regular basis, we like to train hard and to our workouts to the best of our abilities, we would like to go home early and spend a peaceful night with either loved ones or friends and then get a decent nights rest before the next day. So if you look at it, we all actually aim to be like a Stotan.

These principles are just put on paper and made famous by a couple of people that, if I mention them, you would probably not even know who they are or were. They are the people that strives to live peaceful lives, train hard, eat well and get rest, they like to stand up and be counted in the communities that they live in.

These are not bad principles to live by, maybe it is something you can look into and make your own. This might just be the push that you need to become even better at what you are and what you do.