Strange question, you might say. Just look at it for a moment. We obsess about money, a lot. We obsess about Christmas and all the presents we must buy and the food we must prepare for the in laws coming over for the weekend. We obsess about work deadlines and when we are home we obsessed about clean towels and if the bed is made. This is all valid points to obsess about, but do we even stop for a second between all these obsessions of ours and think about how are we going to make the next year even better for our health? Last on your list? This is true for a lot of people.

Do you want to live well or just live? That is the basis of health and fitness and that is why we need to obsess just a little bit more on the things that means seeing your grandchildren grow up and playing with them versus sitting. If we look at the shock statistics in heart disease and stroke in South Africa alone we need to seriously start obsessing about our health.

The reason why it is so shocking is that the person that is struck down by a heart attack or stroke is usually still in his/her productive years, in other words, the breadwinner gets removed out of the family. When the heart attack or stroke is non fatal, the person is usually left with disabilities that keeps them from working for the rest of their lives.

The amazing thing is that 80% of all strokes and heart attacks can be prevented by changing your lifestyle to eat healthy, exercise regularly and stop smoking.

These conditions will start with high blood pressure. Something that can be tested quite quickly and easily. Have you tested your cholesterol levels lately? You can do this at any pharmacy. Cholesterol is not called the silent killer for nothing. You have no signs that you are suffering from something until it is too late.

Make it a new years resolution to start looking after yourself and obsess about your fitness levels and eating habits. You do not have to change your life around completely. Small changes are king in a world full of pressure health situations. Make small adjustments to your diet and exercise programs today and you will start feeling the difference tomorrow.