Technology is a wonderful thing. It made our lives so much easier, we have the means to heat up and cook our food without lighting a fire every time. We can drive our kids to school in 15 minutes instead of a 90 minute trek over rocks and grasslands.  Of course, I can communicate with you right now and tell you why I think we are falling victim to technology.

Ok so this might be a little bit of a rant, so excuse me for blaming technology for some of our health, fitness and exercise downfalls. I am not even going to go into fast food joints and the laziness that is watching television. I am however going to go into shiny machines in equally shiny commercial gymnasiums that do nothing for you. You must remember that the body (amazing little miracle that it is) was designed to move. It was made to bend over, reach up, turn and run. It was made to work together as a union to achieve what we call life. These days, we “build our better bodies” by walking into a shiny facility, go sit on a machine and only move a certain part of our bodies. As a single piece of brilliance, it looks good, you feel that it is working and you feel that you achieved your goal for the day, just to come back tomorrow, go lie down on another machine and train yet another piece of your body, in isolation, without any help from the rest of the body.

So because this wonderful technology that is machines was created for our convenience and pleasure, to train our bodies to become the ultimate machine, it actually regressed us right back to….. Oh hell, I don’t even know where we are regressing to at the moment.  You cannot become an ultimate machine by sitting on your behind, moving a lever up and down and think that the body is going to appreciate what you are doing for it. The only appreciation is going to come from your mirror and your other half. We are made to believe that we are doing ourselves a favour by training every muscle group as a singular piece, it is the companies that build these machines and would like to reach their sales targets that put the “benefits” into a neat little marketing package that so cleverly deceives all of us. Stop the bad training right now and start using your body for what it was meant to be, the ultimate machine that uses all components to pick up the heavy tog bag, to bend down and tie your shoe laces and to reach overhead to get the suitcase out of the cupboard.

Why put every single muscle in a box when you train when you actually need the arms and the legs to work together when you mow the lawn? You have to train the body as a unit to get the benefits out of life.  Try full body moves like thrusters, deadlifts and burpees to get body looking and feeling fantastic and get off the leg curl machine!