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Go ahead, eat...a lot!

Posted by Lizelle Pool on Monday, May 31, 2010, In : Nutrition 

Want to look great? Oh what type of question is that? Of course you want to look good. Is it any easy mountain to climb? Might as well be Everest hey? No way, more like an Everest on top of an Everest an we are closer to the truth.

Take the worries about what to eat out of the equation, will it be easier to do? Maybe. So let's start with what is in the way. If you look at your daily nutritional speed traps, what are they?

  • Parties

  • Travel

  • Restaurants

  • Not planning your daily ...

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Overcome the weekend binge

Posted by Lizelle Pool on Friday, May 21, 2010, In : Nutrition 

Worked hard with your training routines this week? Ate very healthy nutritious meals this week? Slept enough and did not overly stress your body and mind at work? Did not drown your sorrows in alcohol? Congratulations, you have made it through a week by being healthy and you are one step closer to reaching your ultimate fitness goals and body. Now to just get through the weekend without proverbially poking yourself in the eye.

How do you stop yourself from putting those crisps in your m...

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Why does cardio come such a distant second these days?

Posted by Lizelle Pool on Saturday, May 15, 2010, In : Training 
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Do you still feel that the local gym fraternity overwhelm us with rows and rows of cardiovascular machines when you walk into their facilities? Is this almost the major sales pitch of any sales consultant walking a new prospective member through the facility? “And this is the cardio section where you will burn fat and and (pointing to a skinny girl with virtually no clothes on) you will lo...

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This pill will solve the problem!

Posted by Lizelle Pool on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, In : Nutrition 
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It is amazing how many of us will drop everything we do when we see a headline like this. We will read up on it, we will watch the late night advertising on TV, we will Google the names of the wonder drugs and we buy them at great cost! A new pill/powder/ab machine to make me look great in no time, without training and without adjusting my eating habits.

I am sorry to announce that all y...

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