So it is a little less than a month to Christmas and a little more to New Year's. Some may argue that this might be a little too late to try and get in shape for whipping off the shirt on the beach. Maybe, some of you are not going to the beach and are carrying some extra weight that you want to get rid of. I sure know I do. So you can look at December as a little different than usual. You can give up for a whole month, party like there is no tomorrow, put on some more unwanted weight and then make those useless little New Year's resolutions that is only going to last 2 minutes. Or you can do a totally different thing up until Christmas or New Year.

Treat fat loss this month as an all out war. Not as a healthy lifestyle or a way of life (we do preach this and that moderation is key, but this is gloves off stuff today). You are fighting for your life and every meal and every workout counts. Give yourself 28 days. If you do your math right, that will be finished before your big Christmas meal, or if you do not celebrate Christmas, your big New Year's bash. You cool would it be to drop weight during the season where everybody else is picking up weight? Don't you think you will laugh at silly resolutions when you are already well on your way to super duper you? It is your choice.

So what does this 28 days of all out war entail? It is seriously not rocket science. It is a very simple principle, one that I have learnt from Dan John. 

  • Drink loads of water: - You seriously don't want to go and plant a landmine in your own back yard when you are waging war. So why would you sabotage your healthy eating efforts by drinking your calories? It is soulless calories that makes your stomach full for all of a couple of minutes and then you are looking for something more to eat or drink. We are talking alcohol, fruit juices, gassed cold drink, basically, anything that is not water. You need to drink lots to stay hydrated and it actually helps with fat loss. (I am not going into any scientific reasons for anything in this post so just believe the science here please)
  • Eat protein with every meal: - Seriously, since Bill Phillips made "Body for Life" popular, he preached that you need to eat protein with every one of his 6 meals per day. He was onto something. (By the way, go have a look what the dude looks like these days, absolutely awesome) Protein helps with the fat burning and muscle building process and it makes you feel fuller for longer.
  • Keeping in the spirit of protein, have some for breakfast: - Jip, for breakfast, every single morning. So stop with the over processed, sugary breakfast cereals. It will just leave you hollow in the stomach and in the same breath, bulge out the stomach in the long term. Oh and that nutella and bread for breakfast ad, just ignore such idiot marketers that is trying to tell you bread and chocolate will give you mental energy to ace your math test and enough physical energy to score a goal every time you play soccer. Such stupidity.
  • Drink your fish oils: - Omega 3, not that expensive at your local big pharmacy (you know which one I am talking about), you can use CLA (very, very good CLA available from us via Pure - you seriously don't have to donate an organ to get krill oil, although it is a very good omega. Point is, take your fish oils.
  • Get your fiber in: - If you know you are not getting enough fiber in via your diet, and come to think about it, who does? Get yourself a supplement, yet again, fiber supplements are inexpensive and you can get that at your nearest, friendly grocery store.

Be serious about your diet and training for only 28 days and attack every day with the intensity of staying alive during battle every day. Take it to the extreme. Yes, I have said it and I will say it again. TAKE IT TO THE EXTREME! Your body will thank you for it. Oh, and by taking it to the extreme, I don't mean go pump yourself full of stupid illegal stuff. I mean push your body and your mind, the natural way. No below the belt stuff or needles in funny places things here. And enjoy what you see and feel come Christmas or New Year.